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Ducks vs Oilers Staff Predictions

Will we see any ballsy sweep predictions from the AC staff?

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Anaheim Calling staff take a few minutes to talk about how they feel Round 2 will go for Anaheim. Check it out and then let’s hear your predictions in the comments below!

JC McDonough

Anaheim will face Connor McDavid and Co. in the second round, and I still maintain what I’ve been saying for a few months now: the Oilers are a scary team to face in a 7-game series. The forward groups and goaltenders seem to be very tight matchups, but the blueline seems to be the one spot where these teams separate. Despite injuries to Fowler and Vatanen through Round 1, Anaheim’s blue line played well against the Flames and produced 12 points in four games (looking at you, Shea Theodore). With Fowler set for a possible return, Anaheim’s mobility and puck movement at the back end is the difference maker for me.

Prediction: Anaheim in 6

CJ Woodling

The Ducks had experience and luck on their side in the 1st round against the Flames. The playoffs are all about who's running hot, so don't be surprised if that carries over to this series against the Oilers.

Everyone seems to make a big deal about how the Ducks are going to slow down the McDavid line (this coming from the guy who just wrote an article on it), but it's important to remember that Edmonton is going to have to deal with Getzlaf, Rakell, Eaves, Silfverberg, and Perry just to name a few.

Anaheim has too much depth and experience to truly be done in by McDavid or Talbot alone.

Prediction: Anaheim in 6

Daniel Kleinberg

Somehow, it feels right to pick the Oilers. In the first series against the Flames, the Ducks got depth scoring from everywhere. But can the bounces continue? Anything can happen against a weaker than average Edmonton defense, but it will be a tough task to solve Cam Talbot. Also, after having a less than stellar defensive series against the Johnny Gaudreau line, Ryan Kesler will have his hands full controlling arguably the best player in hockey. It is McDavid’s world and we are just living in it.

My prediction for the series is that McDavid will feast on the Selke nominated center, but Anaheim fans will point most of the blame toward Getzlaf and Perry for not matching their opponent’s scoring.

Prediction: Edmonton in 6

Lois Yang

Admittedly, the Ducks haven't matched up quite as well against the Oilers during the regular season, but the Ducks will have to use their experience to outplay the Oilers at their own game. The Ducks and Oilers play in a similar fashion, but there's more fluidity in the way the Ducks play. Defense will be crucial in shutting down the Connor McDavid line (duh).

Prediction: Anaheim in 7

Felix Sicard

Let’s get one thing out of the way really quickly: the Edmonton Oilers are actually good. It was fair to expect the San Jose Sharks to eliminate Edmonton in Round One, yet not only did the Oilers prevail, but they looked good in the process.

That being said, it’s impossible to argue that Anaheim isn’t the team here. The Ducks have found a healthy balance of scoring and defensive ability in their forward group, while their defense corps in Round One proved that it’s nearly impervious to injury.

Much of the focus will be on the Ryan Kesler versus Connor McDavid matchup, and rightfully so. Kesler’s been one of the best shutdown centers in the league this season, and he’ll be tasked with his biggest challenge yet: shutting down the league’s best player. The Ducks get a significant advantage should he even do a marginally good job there.

The goaltending in this series should be excellent. Both John Gibson and Cam Talbot looked great in the opening round, so that position can be seen as a bit of a wash. Factor in home ice advantage, superior depth up front and on the blueline, and the Ducks should prevail in what will be hotly contested series.

Prediction: Anaheim in 7

John Broadbent

Despite the regular season dictating that the home team takes it, I see each team stealing at least a game in the others building.

I think the Ducks take the opening series game at home in regulation before losing game 2 in OT; back in Edmonton the Ducks take one back in OT before losing game 4 in regulation. They then take Game 5 at home and close the series out in a multi OT stunner in Game 6. OT goals from Rakell and Lindholm.

Prediction: Anaheim in 6

Alex Siegman

The Ducks seemed to impress a lot of critics during the first round and they'll only improve going into Round 2 with the return of Fowler and Vatanen (possibly). Just how good are the Oilers though? You could make the point that they wouldn't be a playoff team without McDavid and I believe that they're still lacking a true #1 defenseman. The key to this series for the Ducks will be to contain McDavid (something they excelled at during the regular season) and that responsibility will fall on the shoulders of Selke-nominee Ryan Kesler. A big question for the Ducks will be 'who comes out when Fowler and Vatenen are healthy?' Holzer will most likely be the first to sit with the second being either Theodore or Montour. While Montour has looked solid throughout the season, Theo has been a key contributor so far in the playoffs. As long as McDavid can be contained and the Ducks stars continue to produce like they did during Round 1, the Ducks should find themselves back into the WCF after a 1-year hiatus.

Prediction: Anaheim in 6

Kristen Wright

This is likely tempting magumbo, but a very generous part of me is happy that the Edmonton Oilers have finally come together as a hockey team (instead of their traditional position as a warehouse for talented draft picks). And, at 20 years of age, Connor McDavid is arguably the best player in professional hockey, with the extraordinary ability to turn the outcome of a game on a dime. Shutting “McJesus” down will be an enormous task for Ryan Kesler. But the Oilers are no match for Ryan Beastlaf, Scorey Perry, and the rest of the Ducks' veteran leadership. Cam Talbot can only steal so many games. The Ducks have the advantage at even strength, and their heavy hitting forwards will not know what to do with a (hopefully) healthy Cam Fowler and Sami Vatanen.

Prediction: Anaheim in 7

Caleb Speer

I gratefully watched the Ducks prove my 6 game prediction wrong as they swept Calgary. So, I shall not make the mistake of underestimation again. Anaheim has still yet to lose in regulation since March 10th and they seem to be a very hungry team. The Oilers are certainly dangerous as you've all heard they hold #97 who can burn past anyone. However, this isn't basketball and it takes more than one 20 year old to win. The Ducks defense and centers are far deeper than Edmonton's and will have home ice, giving RC the matchups he wants. Anaheim defends Katella Ave, steals one up in Gretzky-land, and then seals the deal back in the true land of orange - Orange County.

Prediction: Anaheim in 5