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Ducks vs Flames BEST/WORST: We Are All Josh Manson

Perhaps the craziest game of the season...

NHL: Calgary Flames at Anaheim Ducks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Best: The Streak

Anaheim got the job done. It’s an incredible feat, an NHL record may I remind you. But not only is it fun to keep on beating the Flames at home, it sets up a promising seeding. With Edmonton losing to the worst team in sports, the Ducks have a wonderful opportunity to bring home their fifth consecutive division title.

Worst: Getting Outplayed in the First Period

Yikes. It’s scary when Johnny Gaudreau is getting breakaways. Calgary dominated overall in the opening 20 minutes of play, even out hitting Anaheim. The Ducks let Calgary beat them at their own game. The Flames aren’t necessarily known to beat you up, but they sure can throw their weight around. The shots on goal summed it up, the Ducks simply couldn’t control the puck. Also, can Ryan Getzlaf just shoot?

Best: Josh Manson

A man of the people he is. What a satisfying fight, he wasted no time and made sure that Giordano knew that you cannot get away with that garbage. He led the charge in standing up for his teammate, and the Ducks followed. Not only did he end Giordano, but Manson played a strong game as well.

Worst: Cam Fowler’s Injury

Mark Giordano can go freeze in the Canadian tundra. What a low blow. It was a tough thing to watch as Cam grabbed his right leg in pain. The hit was right into Fowler’s knee, sending him sliding past Elliott and behind the net. If this injury is long lasting it could prove devastating. Fowler is arguably the best defenseman on the team, and with the playoffs next week this is something to be very concerned about. Luckily, the Ducks have incredible depth on the blue line, but no one can replace Cam.

Best: “You can’t win here!”

The fans were great. It was a raucous atmosphere in the building, and the crowd was loud. Keep it up, Ducks fans.

3 Stars of the Game

3) John Gibson- Overlooked perhaps, but the man is looking like a playoff starter

2) Major Eaves- Don’t ever shave and don’t ever stop scoring

1) Josh Manson- Hero