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Anaheim Calling’s Game 7 Drinking Game

Nervous about Game 7? Make the experience just a bit more fun with us!

Calgary Flames v Anaheim Ducks - Game One Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We know the playoffs (especially Game 7’s) can be a stressful time of year for hockey fans. Following four consecutive Game 7 losses and a blowout in Edmonton on Sunday, you could say we’re plenty stressed out here at Anaheim Calling. So, we came up with a fun game to take the edge off. So go grab your favorite ice-cold beverage, get the kids out of “your chair,” and join us!

DISCLAIMER: Please drink responsibly folks (that means stick to Sprite you under-age fans). We love our readers and hope they’ll join us in this game, but we don’t want anyone getting hurt. Know when to cut yourself off and PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

—How to Play—

Rule #1 - The broadcast mentions the Kesler vs McDavid matchup = 1 sip

Rule #2 - Ducks take a stupid penalty = 1 sip

Rule #3 - The Game 7 curse is brought up = 1 sip

Rule #4 - Bruce Boudreau = 1 sip

Rule #5 - Getzlaf busts out the trademark snot-rocket = 1 sip

Rule #6 - Every time you scream “SHUT UP” at Mike Milbury = 2 sips

Rule #7 - The broadcast shows Gretzky on-screen = 2 sips

Rule #8 - The Oilers get an odd-man rush = 2v1 (2 sips), 3v1 (3 sips), etc.

Rule #9 - Ducks are tied/trailing but out-shooting the Oilers = finish your drink

Rule #10 - Anaheim trailing by 3+ goals headed into the 3rd period = finish your drink

Hope everyone has a fun (and safe) night tonight!