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Handshake Line: A Jukebox Generation

Why don’t you have a seat over there...

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Anaheim Ducks v Nashville Predators - Game Six Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The Predators just out did us at everything. Let us count the ways.

They Out Scored Us: Well that one was obvious. But hey Bernier, if you could stop some shots that one might have been different.

They Out Injured Us: Much as Kesler did his best, turns out shots to the groin do not cause momentum killing dire injuries. Manson was much more effective with the #MansonSmash. But it turns out James Neal takes the prize for behind the play star-player injuries caused.

They Out Fanned Us: Much as we as a fandom tried with our “we get it you don’t like us and we don’t care” efforts, Nashville proved why they are the darlings of these playoffs by filling their building with so much yellow that R Kelly wants to permanently live there. That is not to mention those cute individuals (including a high school teacher) that took dead ducks and threw them on the ice. People are starving and could have maybe had some mean Peking Duck with that but yea, cool story bro. I, for one, would love to have my children taught by such an upstanding citizen.

With all of that out of my system, I guess I can begrudgingly give some kudos - where it is due.

PK Subban: Everyone but fans of the still remaining Eastern team are on the Predators bandwagon soley because of this guy. I can see why and were it not for the presence of James Neal on the same team then I might have been on same bandwagon - albeit on the very edge of the back bumper. You can’t hate this guy. He isn't dirty, he is so fun to watch, and he does awesome stuff of the ice also. Oh yea and he isn't a 1-dimensional, no-fun atypical hockey player. He is the embodiment of the new generation of NHL fan.

Roman Josi: You play defense good.

Ryan Ellis: You too, but your beard is pretty epic also.

Calle Jarnkrok: You were sacrificed to the great Manson quite a bit and it was fun to watch.

Pekka Rinne: Best example of a “carry the team” goaltender from this season. Never complained if any calls went against you. Didn't dive for calls or push the net off on purpose. Let us score the occasional comeback. It would have been better if you regressed to Brian Elliot levels of incompetence for our sake, but I won’t hold that against you. Next year, maybe.

Ryan Johansen: That injury sounded brutal and glad it didn't come of anything deliberate done to you. But that whole calling out Kesler as the villain with no friends, fans or family was kind of weird. According to some it was a genius ploy to get the officials to look closer at his play but at the expense of your dignity that is a pretty strange risk to take. Because now we all think you are a cry baby.

Peter Filip Forsberg: ....nope can’t do it.

James Neal: ...hahah no

That Ekholm Guy: You were awesome. I can say that without any hint of forced kindness. You really were the best defender on the team and by proxy the best in the playoffs. If they gave out a mini-Norris for just the playoffs you would definitely win it.

Colton Sissons: I can’t say your name without it sounding like lesbians having sex [Ed. Note: I thought about taking this out, but my uncontrollable laughter wouldn’t let me].

Austin Watson: I kept wanting to watch Sherlock when I heard your name.

Mike Fisher: Country music sucks

Viktor Arvidsson: You were good, I can’t remember much of what you did but you were good.

Yannick Weber: I forgot you were still playing.

Last, But Not Least: The Fans. All jokes aside, every fan base has their good and their bad ones. You have hill billy high school teachers throwing dead ducks on the ice. We have misguided possibly homophobic folks making gofundme pages to pay for Getzlaf’s gay slur fine. Of all the fans we clashed with on this playoff drive and over the years, you guys get me the most riled up - right up there with Kings fans. Which, to me, means you are just as passionate as we and they are. So good on you. You do you. Country music is still terrible, though.