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Round 2 - Game 5 - Ducks vs Oilers BEST/WORST: No 3 Goal Lead Is Safe

I had written something completely different for this up until the last 3 minutes of this game

Edmonton Oilers v Anaheim Ducks - Game Five Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Best: Last 3-Minute Heroics

What the hell was that???? The Ducks looked completely apathetic and nowhere near getting any kind of high danger scoring chance until pulling Gibson for the extra attacker.

Then BAM point shot with high traffic in front. Goal.

Then again BAM point shot with high traffic in front. Another Goal.

Why didn't you guys do this all game????

Then the tying goal - as much as Oilers fans feel its another “goaltender interference” controversy; even the neutral pundits are calling that a good one. There is no way Kesler can get out of the way or even get up due to Nurse being in his immediate vicinity. If Lucic thinks he know what goaltender interference is and is not he should maybe go back and check his own history.

Worst: Nick Ritchie

If the Ducks had lost this game - which I was very sure they were going to with less than 3 minutes to go, I was going to place the blame almost entirely on Ritchie. His two penalties were needless and halted momentum. The second one was particularly bad in that it resulted (by association because Fowler had to take a hooking call to stop McDavid) in the eventual 5 on 3 and 2nd Oiler goal. He just wasn't useful at all tonight and came very close to costing the Ducks the game. This is coming from me - a self-professed non-member of the Nick Ritchie Haters Club (TM).

Best: Blue Line Brilliance

Is it coincidence that the Ducks have won the last three games without Bieska or Holzer in the line up?

As per Felix

Montour was hands down the best Duck defender out there tonight and even had the almost offensively biased (yet supposed to be the home-feed?) NBCSN color guys salivating over his play. The first Oilers goal was a weird bounce (sure if the Ducks were playing tighter man-to-man coverage then maybe Draisitl wouldn't have been left alone but lets ignore that), the second on a 5 on 3 and the last on a 3-1 rush in which the high forward was taken out of the play by Maroon. Not much the D could do on any but maybe the first goal.

Worst: Lack Of Consistent High Danger Chances

If you wanted to watch the replay of this game I would recommend skipping to the last 5 minutes of the third. Because for the Ducks - the rest of the game was pretty lack-luster. Massive respect to the Oilers for generating that lead and holding it for much of the game - if that were the Ducks they would have sat on it and let the Oilers come at them; but I digress. It wasn't fun to watch the Ducks fail to execute any form of plan or set play to get even a sniff of a goal back (until those last 3 minutes) and it doesn't bode well if they wish to go much further in these playoffs. I don’t know if it’s just me but it just seems sometimes that they don’t really know what they are doing?

Best: No Quit

That said - the self-belief of this squad has to be a story in itself. Despite the multitude of injuries and roster changes. Despite the lack of discipline for said injuries. Despite the calls that arent made (a wash because this happens to all teams in the playoffs). Despite being down by 3 goals with 3 minutes to go. This team never quits.

Honorable Mention: This hit by Lindholm

Sit back, relax and watch endlessly on repeat.

3 Stars

3) John Gibson

2) Brandon Montour

1) Ryan Getzlaf/Corey Perry