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2018 NHL Entry Draft

All the updates from the Anaheim Ducks at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft in Dallas, Texas June 22nd-23rd.

Draft Grades: Ducks Get Mostly B’s for the 2018 Entry Draft.

What other outlets had to say about the Ducks draft choices.

Allow Yourself to Dream: NHL Draft Open Thread

Come talk about the NHL Draft!

NHL Entry Draft 2018: A Friendly Wager

Benny and I took our best shot at who the Ducks might take, now we make things interesting...

NHL Entry Draft 2018: Part 4 - Guess The Selections (Rounds 4-6)

In the final rounds of selection, could the Ducks find some hidden gems?

NHL Entry Draft 2018: Part 3 - Guess The Selections (Round 3)

In a round where the Ducks have had some steals in the past, who might they select with their 2 picks this year?

NHL Entry Draft 2018: Part 2 - Guess The Selections (Round 1-2)

Benny and I take our best shot at who we think the Ducks will take

NHL Entry Draft 2018: Part 1 - Depth Assessment

What do we have and what do we need?