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Anaheim Ducks Weekly Rankings Dec 23rd-29th: It’s Vacation Time

Happy 2018!

For those that have missed this segment, this is a weekly series on Anaheim Calling to take a look at how various players on the team have fared. I will arbitrarily rank a random topic along on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and place different Ducks within the categories based on their performance over the past week. My reasoning for the rating of the Ducks will be based on stats, results, and probably some of my bias. My reasoning for the rating of the random topic will be completely biased #dealwithit. I will elaborate more on some players than others. I expect everyone to probably disagree with me on both topics and all of my takes will be outed. If there is something you would like me to rank please feel free to leave it in the comments. On to the fun!

The games included in the ratings for this week are Dec 23rd against the Penguins, Dec 27th against the Golden Knights, and Dec 29th against the Flames.

I am currently on vacation and just got off the slopes so this will be an abbreviated weekly rankings. Due to my consumption of this going up on vacation, I will be ranking types of alcohol. Like past weeks, these rankings are 100% correct and no one can tell me otherwise.

5 Stars: Whiskeys

Whiskey is a very broad range of alcohol and can provide so many different flavors. From rye to scotch to bourbon, there are so many different types that are all oh so good.

Rickard Rakell - Ryan Getzlaf - Ondrej Kase - “You are my captain, my only captain, you make me happy when skies are grey, You’ll never know, captain, how much I love you, please don’t take my captain away.” Getzlaf is back baby. He had 3 primary assists in 3 games this week and in turn Rakell had a 5 star week. Rakell had 3 goals, a primary assist, and a secondary assist on the week. Kase’s production was not on par with the other guys, scoring only a goal, but all three of these players were possession monsters being above 60% in CF% and above 70% in xGF%.

Cam Fowler - Fowler had a fantastic week. He put up 2 goals, was well above 50% in CF% and nearly at 70% in xGF%.

Nick Ritchie - Antoine Vermette - Logan Shaw - These three may not have produced any points this week, but when they were on the ice the Ducks controlled play. They were all around 60% CF% and around 70% in xGF%.

John Gibson - Gibson had a bounce back week. He recorded his first shutout of the season against the Pens, and accumulated a 2.51 GSAA in the three games he played over the week.

4 Stars: Tequila

Tequila can lead to a rough night but is fairly versatile. A chilled shot of tequila can be great or in a margarita.

Jakob Silfverberg - Silfverberg, points wise, had a really solid week. He put up a primary assist and 2 secondary assists for 3 points in the 3 games. This usually, with average shot metrics, would get someone a 5 star performance. Well Silf was below average resulting in a 4 star performance. He was around 40% in both CF% and xGF%.

Josh Manson - Hampus Lindholm - The Manson Lindholm pairing was pretty steady this week. They had a few hiccups that lead to goals against but overall they were around 50% in CF% and around 60% in xGF%.

Kevin Bieksa - I am not sure I believe this but Bieksa was actually good this week. He was around 50% in CF% and around 60% in xGF%.

3 Stars: Vodka

My experience with vodka can be hit or miss. I have had some awful and fun experiences with it but it is the definition of the average alcohol.

Andrew Cogliano - Ryan Kesler - Chris Wagner - Kesler had a fairly average return to the lineup. His line was around 50% in both CF% and xGF%.

2 Stars: Rum

Rum is only good in a Mai Tai. Other than that it is pretty bad [Editor’s Note: you need to go to more tropical islands for vacation smh rum is awesome - CJ].

Francois Beauchemin - Brandon Montour - This pairing was around 50% CF% and was the only pairing that was below 50% in xGF% (Both were around 40%).

Kevin Roy & Adam Henrique - Both of these players had a pretty poor week, being around 40% in both CF% and xGF%.

1 Star: Everclear

Everclear is bad. Plain and simple.

No Ducks were as bad as Everclear

Unranked: Gin

I have only had Gin a few times in my life, so I do not feel like I am correctly suited to rank Gin. Place it wherever you see fit.

Derek Grant (1 game played)

*All stats are from Corsica unless stated otherwise.