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Ducks @ Vegas: Recap Thoughts

The Hangover Part 1

Anaheim Ducks v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Act 1:

Before the big wedding (Kariya retirement ceremony) the Ducks headed east to sin city for a night of debauchery, but upon awaking the next morning with no previous recollection of the night before they find their hotel suite in complete disarray. There is a baby in the closet (Lundestrom) and a Tiger in the bathroom (Ryan Reaves) and no sign of Doug (played by a personification of “offense” in this story).

The morning did not start out well and they found themselves constantly coming up against various obstacles in their effort to piece together events from the night before. They had massive issues with getting much further than the hotel (their own zone) and when they did - they would just end up right back there again, as smuggling a Tiger out in public can be tricky.

By the end of the first act they had succeeded in getting nowhere while Tracy (Gibson) patiently waited for them to find Doug (offense).

Act 2:

In their search for Doug (offense) our heroes track down a potential lead, and by the end of this act things seem to be looking up as the mysterious gangster Chow (Carlyle) says that he has Doug and will give him to them in exchange for $80,000.

Act 3:

Our heroes meet up with Chow and the exchange is made, they have Doug! But alas it is not the right Doug - it is only Ben Street scoring his 3rd goal of the season while Shea Theodore didn't have a stick - but they are getting closer!

Things were starting to look up until Alan (Pontus Aberg) loses the Tiger (took a holding penalty on Reaves) and killed all of the momentum.

There was one bright spark when Carlos (Lundestrom) sliced his way to the net for a chance in front but alas - like a memory that is there one moment then gone the next - the Ducks could not remember where they had lost Doug (their offense) and were forced to return home to the wedding (Kariya retirement ceremony) empty handed.

Three Stars:

  1. Tracey (Gibson): Did everything she could to help the lads jog their memories including high-stressed verbal abuse via telephone (numerous pucks to the head and outnumbered high danger chances) but could not do everything.
  2. Wrong Doug (Street): Scored a goal when it was needed and it was a great play recognizing that Theodore was out of a stick.
  3. Carlos (Lundestrom): Looked pretty good out there...and now you are picturing baby Carlos with skates taking the puck to the net and putting a shot on an NHL goaltender, so you are welcome.

Post Credit Notes:

Sam Steel won 100% of his face-offs according to Natural Stat Trick so that's pretty damn impressive.

Fowler and Schenn lead the team in Giveaways with 2 each. Manson and Mountour had one each also.

Lundestrom had the 2nd most minutes among forwards. Comtois and Sherwood had the least.

Fowler had the most High Danger Chances For at 5 on 5 with 4, Getzlaf (welcome back!) had 3 - as did Rakell, Manson and Lundestrom.

Ben Street and Pontus Aberg lead in pretty much all of the corsi categories for this game.

Next up is the Wedding! (Karya Retirement ceremony) and I guess the Ducks are playing the Sabres too.