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With all the questions, many have broken their panic buttons. But are we doing so prematurely?

Caryle speaking, but have the team stopped listening?
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The Anaheim Ducks entered Dallas after their 3rd straight loss in Chicago against the Blackhawks, and now after dropping a 4th to the Stars, they stand with a record of 5-5-1. Although, they currently have a .500 record at the 11- game mark, it definitely hasn’t been pretty. The Ducks still look lost at times out on the ice - constantly screwing up their passes and spending way too much time in their defensive zone - leaving poor Gibson/Miller out to dry.

With that, fans have begun to smash their individual panic buttons and the armchair GMs (such as the infamous Mob Burray) are feverishly typing away on their shitty Dell computers - many are angrily freaking out and most, if not all, think they know what’s best for Anaheim. Even though it’s halloween, we do not need to see flying stuffed Wild Wings and KesBears torn to shreds, people!

It’s a tad too early to grab your pitchforks and torches. There’s no need to light those CHOC Bears on fire before tossing them at Anaheim Ducks bench bosses. And please, leave the poor puppies in the shelters who are still looking for homes via Cogs for Dogs before you set them loose on the team.

Sure, the Ducks looks lost out there; they’re giving up tons of shots and turnovers are aplenty. They are literally watching the puck float past them. Even I scratch my head and wonder what in Sam Hell they’re doing, but I try to be rational about what’s going on. Now, I don’t like that Carlyle has returned (he never should have), but I question if they’re looking so messy because with the team injured, there are a good number of factors:

1) kids still playing,

2) chemistry hasn’t found its way,

3) all players are using a whole new system,

4) Or could it be that Anaheim is in over their heads with attempting to teach an old dog a whole crap load of new tricks?

The silence has been broken and the “team speak” shattered with some pretty honest interviews coming from Anaheim’s star players. Disconcerting comments by Ryan Getzlaf & John Gibson reveal that it’s evident things are not working at the start of this season. In recent interviews they have admitted that the quest for the faster play has shaken their muscle memory. Although they’ve won more games before last night in Dallas, Lady Luck may have helped with that. We’re left with questions regarding the team’s situation: “...but they were winning & that’s what matters, right?” and “Why can’t we just burn it all down and start over?” Let’s look at some of the questions hitting the keypads and the airwaves of Ducks World:

• What will happen when the team hits a fatter, rough patch? Have we already hit it?

• What will be the answer and/or answers for when the roosters start crowing and the cows starts turning circles in the pasture?

• Some of those armchair GMs are calling for Carlyle’s head. But even if Eakins were to move up and take his place, would the team immediately go on a 10-0 winning streak? I doubt it.

• Would trading a player and/or players for another be the answer? Nick Ritchie made his season debut in Chicago after a standout with Bob Murray, and once it was over & sorted, the team still lost - now he’s injured. So, it’s safe to say that another player may not carry the banner.

• Will the return of the seasoned and broken offer a solution to this heartache and can we finally exhale?

These are just some of the questions that are currently melting the Pond, and seem to be heralding the Great Anaheim Freakout of 2018. But wait, Ducks fans. There’s still time for the club to sort it out; however, one of the biggest questions for me may be this:

“Did we really expect anything different coming into the season with the same coach behind the bench of mostly same players?”

That could be the easiest of them to answer.