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Ducks @ Sharks Game Thread - Game 1: Poetry in Motion

A familiar face / The Ducks play them one more time / Will they win this game?

Anaheim Ducks v San Jose Sharks - Game Four Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images


Date: Wednesday 3rd, October, 2018

Time: 10:30 ET / 7:30 PT

Location: SAP Center


Radio: AM830

The Enemy: Stinky Sharks


Mobile will be hard / There are many Gifs in this / It had to be done.

Read as limerick / All cool kids like poetry / Ducks fly together.

It’s the opening night of the season / On the road, the win, they will breeze in / But I was not even dared / So please be prepared / To read in rhyme, for I write with no reason.

And we’re here to cheer for the Duck / A team that the others think suck / But what do we care? / They’ll just have to bare / If our success is a product of luck.

Starting on the road, it’s a shame / Every year it feels quite the same / It’s Duck versus Shark / To the playoffs we hark / But of them, this time, we will tame.

With shot metrics as dismal as hell / Whoever will answer the bell? / Maybe a Swede, / Is just what we need / That 30 goal scorer, Rick Rakell

After this time it’s surely no fad / But Getz has the strength of a dad / He beat silver to gold, / And it may still seem bold / But let’s say it, the Captain is rad.

A young prospect, debuting, is Steel / When he scores, fans surely will squeal / Why would they mope? / For he is their great hope / His future, they look to with zeal.

Another name to look out for is Terry / Taking over goal scoring from Perry / We hope that he will / With dangles quite ill / So all of the fans can be merry.

Cogliano will keep bringing the speed / A factor that the Ducks sorely need / But the coach is a hack / He might get the sack / Then his system, he will have to cede.

Hampus Lindholm will lead the defence / Although Fowler would also make sense / With a slick speedy skate / They’ll never be back late / Making the Sharks, all seem quite dense.

But what of the opposite team? / Are they old and losing their steam? / They have a sexy young Kane / Who might be a pain / Still I think choking, might be their theme.

The big man up front is named Jumbo / Who lugs a tool the size of a farm hoe / The Ducks he wont beat / Their skates will seem fleet / Because Jumbo is so ducking slow.

Try as they might just to score / With Karlsson now prowling the floor / I think they will not / The Ducks are too hot / They’ll be leaving them asking for more.

In net, will all their pucks stop / For Gibson is alone at the top / With great flowing hair / And a butterflies flair / Of their shooters, the floor he will mop.

After watching you’ll have to admit / With greatness the Ducks will now flit / And wouldn’t you know / The Ducks go, 1-0 / Based on skill, and no shortness of grit!

I hope you enjoyed / Something a bit different / Back to normal soon

But in the meantime / Come at me piss poor Sharks fans / Challenge me to rhyme.