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For The Boo-Birds

Booing: All For It or Leave It Out?

Hockey Player Costumes Are Fun
Debora Robinson/NHLI

It’s Halloween, and for the Anaheim Ducks it’s been a frightful couple of weeks. The Ducks will exit the month of October with a foreboding 6-game slide during which they have only obtained 1 ghoulish point. Last night’s game showed once more that the Ducks look less of a lively team looking to improve and more like the skating dead.

On Tuesday, Anaheim appeared to have a fighting chance at life when they tied the game up against the Philadelphia Flyers with two minutes left in the game. Sadly, that was just a collective death-rattle as their lifeless bodies allowed the Flyers to score in the last minute and fifty seconds of regulation, giving them a sixth consecutive loss.

As the team left the ice, they were immediately caught in a storm of boo’s with which the paying patrons inside the Honda Center began to understandably shower them. At 13 wicked games, the Ducks of late are stuck in a recurring nightmare and have a record of 5-6-2. When will this horror end?

We Anaheim faithful reluctantly move into November and frustratingly ponder if it will ever get better. As this downward spiral continues, the vocal cues of utter disappointment are beginning spill out of social media and into the arena. Fans have begun letting the club know that they are tired of seeming lackluster play. We’re ready to see positive change; however, is booing the way to show it? Well, I personally am not one to do so, but I can completely understand why fans would take part in such an auditory display. There seems to be some controversy surrounding fans booing their team because of their sheer frustration, but I personally don’t know why. We are passionate fans and when the team does not appear to be doing anything to change their story, we’re going to be vocal with our disappointment. The fans buy the tickets, purchase the jerseys, commute to and from arenas. Although many say that it’s wrong to boo, we have every right to do it, and that does not make us lesser supporters. I’ve always been a proponent that it’s OK to be critical of your team. Hell, when I’m not doing well at my job, I sure hear about it. When I show improvement, I receive recognition. We all do. No matter what, we will definitely support this team through good times and bad times as cliché that may be.

So, Ducks Fans, continue to boo if you feel like it due to their shitty play and cheer when they do well. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t be so passionate.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Now let’s go stake some vampires!