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Ducks v Sharks Morning Thoughts: Sigh

Good one, Randy

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Anaheim Ducks Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the Ducks used to be able hold onto 2 goal leads? Remember when they would press the issue instead of sitting back when that lead was subsequently halved? I member...

Due to time zone difference I was actually at work for this one but suddenly felt sick and was sent home (no kidding I actually threw up a few times - sorry for the TMI). Perhaps this was an ill omen or perhaps Randy Carlyle's terrible decisions were that bad that it turned my stomach from the entire other side of the planet.

The Ducks outworked the Sharks for much of the first period and some (generously putting it) of the others and for some of the third. But when a chance presented itself, the Sharks took it. Managing to completely steal two points and further solidify their position above the Ducks in the Pacific.

Best & Worst


Ondrej Kase - The kid is so hot right now and tonight he continued his torrid streak by factoring in both Anaheim goals. He predicted his own breakout year when speaking to media during preseason but I don't think anybody really expected this. I have high hopes that he continues to improve even further - he could really be a star.

Adam Henrique - Consistently a legit scoring threat whenever on the ice, Uncle Rico took a backseat to Kase tonight but he assisted on Kase’s opener and along with the rest of his linemates, were the only forwards to have a positive +/-

Corey Perry/Ryan Getzlaf - The second goal was vintage Twin-Magic. Getzlaf knew exactly where Perry would be before he even turned to dish that pass. It also shows the kind of confidence Perry has that he went to his signature slap-shot from the circles shot choice.


Randy Carlyle - Two minutes left in a crucial game against a divisional opponent that is higher than you in the standings?

“It’s ok guys we don’t need those points so bad, Cam, Beauch your on”

“But Coach shouldnt it be Hampus and Josh?”

“I said where is my toast!”

Good one Randy

Francois Beauchemin getting ice time at crucial parts of a game or even being a thing

Before the season started I was actually at Teemus at the same time that Francois was enjoying dinner there. He sat at a table across the way from my friends and I. His arms are friggin huge. So that is why I am saying this though the safe confines of translated binary. Francois Beauchemin shouldn't be used in the stretch run or the playoffs. The Ducks need to trade for a better, faster blueliner and they need to yesterday. If they even make the playoffs (which is starting to look scary guys!) they cannot be rolling the parings they have right now or they will get eaten alive. Cam barely manages to keep Bieska afloat but Montour is too young for the responsibility of carrying a partner. Yes I realise Lindhom could and did but Lindholm is Lindholm.

Penalty Shots

Stupid penalty shots


The Gulls are on a six game winning streak! Including two straight wins over the pesky baby sharks so at least not everything is bad! Go read my pieces on the Gulls to cheer yourself up, go on, you deserve it.