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Ducks vs Coyotes MORNING THOUGHTS: What could have been

Dropping must win points in a lack lustre performance is not a unique frustration

Anaheim Ducks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Just when it was needed the most, the Ducks could not continue their unbeaten run. When they needed to create their own luck or the bounces to go their way. They could not create a cohesive play to save themselves.

After all of the domination displayed in the last two games, they turn around and produce something more reminiscent of the results of a bad order from Taco Bell.

The Coyotes produced 12 high danger chances to the Ducks 5 and 24 scoring chances to the Ducks 18 (personally 18 seems a tad generous), all of the Ducks shot attempts were from the perimeter. This wasn't one of those games that you could chalk up to the Ducks were playing well enough but just weren't getting their chances. This was just a giant Stegosaurus turd pile.

Best and Worst

Best - The Penalty Kill showed up I guess?

Worst - Everything, everything about this game was terrible. You cannot pin it on any one particular player, everybody had a largely unimpressive night.

Best - nobody got inured? It’s really hard to find something good to take from this game guys!

Worst - Antoine Vermette was in the line up despite the Ducks recalling Kalle Kossila. Because you know Kossila would have at least tried to do something with his first NHL action since the beginning of the season.

Best - Marcus Petterson looked more confident. Though as stated in the recap - he needs to quit getting stuck behind the play in no-mans land on a nightly basis.

Worst - Mason seems more timid since being paired with Petterson. Understandable as he is likely trying to do too much and slightly out of his comfort zone but more than ever the Ducks need him to jump into plays like he has shown the knack to do this season.

Three Stars of the Game

3. Hazy - for not saying “Dust it Off” on repeat, or maybe he did and I slept though it I don't know.

2. Some Baseball guy - for watching the game whilst also training for the Nathans hotdog eating contest.

1. You - for sitting through that. I haven't seen Fifty Shades of Gray but I have to imagine it makes for more compelling viewing than whatever that was.