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NHL Entry Draft 2018: A Friendly Wager

Benny and I took our best shot at who the Ducks might take, now we make things interesting...

We decided to make it interesting...

If you have been away for a few months you might be forgiven for missing the indepth and tireless coverage that Benny and myself have put into trying to predict how this weekend’s draft might go for the Ducks.

Between the two of us we have compiled some 16 names each covering our Logical, Realistic and Overly Ambitious draft choice criteria across the first 3 rounds while throwing in some additional names in the later rounds.

But as fun as the NHL entry draft is and in the interests of appeasing and entertaining the internet whilst also holding true to our two down-under nations true love to be rivals. I proposed a friendly wager to Benny.

Whomever has the least names from their list selected over the draft weekend must submit to punishment in the form of drinking a room temperature (in honor of our mutual original colonizers) beer that is to be considered one of the worst beers from the opposing country (or in the case of Benny - just whatever New Zealand beer he can find). This humiliating, grotesque and torturous human endeavor must be filmed and broadcast for Ducks nation to see.

So for example - were I to lose (which to be honest is probably the most likely event to happen) I would be subjected to drinking the most horrid of concoctions, a brew so bad that any good self-serving New Zealander would only consume it were they beholden to a bet such as this or are in fact 16 years old and at the mercy of their fathers alcohol supply with no other option.

NOTE: For legal reasons (we don’t want to piss of any breweries) I won’t name the beverage in writing here but rest assured - in my opinion as a beer drinker, it is foul and you will see what it is on video should I be the loser.

Were Benny to lose, he would likely struggle to find something even half has horrible because:

A. Our primitive freighters take months if not years to reach Australian shores

B. We don’t really make anything quite that bad because we are not sadists

If by the end of the draft weekend - no players from either of our lists are selected. Then we BOTH must drink the others warm beer and film for the world to see. Yes, everybody loses but you the internet, you win.

That said, our lists are as follows. Feel free to follow along over the draft weekend and live vicariously through the pain one or both of our taste-buds are soon to experience.


  1. Grigori Denisenko
  2. Jared McIsaac
  3. Slava Demin
  4. Filip Johansson
  5. Niklas Nordgren
  6. Nando Eggenberger
  7. Kyle Topping
  8. Curtis Douglas
  9. Amir Miftakhov
  10. Krystof Hrabik
  11. Dmitri Zavgorodny
  12. Bogdan Zhilyakov
  13. Connor Roberts
  14. Andrej Kukuca
  15. Adam Klapka


  1. Martin Kaut
  2. Serron Noel
  3. Grigori Denisenko
  4. Jet Woo
  5. Slava Demin
  6. Ryan Merkley
  7. Liam Foudy
  8. Simon Johansson
  9. Justus Annunen
  10. Cameron Hillis
  11. Olivier Rodrigue
  12. Blake McLaughlin
  13. Justin Ducharme
  14. Max Paddock
  15. Vladislav Yeryomenko
  16. Liam Kirk

May the best man from down-under win!

Twitter Handles (still not sure how we are going to do the video thing but we will figure it out)

Benny: @unsoundscience

John: @batcountrycloth