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Draft Grades: Ducks Get Mostly B’s for the 2018 Entry Draft.

What other outlets had to say about the Ducks draft choices.

NHL: NHL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Draft grades are handled differently across most publications, with some judging purely the opening round, others each individual pick, and others looking at the whole draft. With that said, most publications have rated the Ducks draft as a B, with some A- thrown in the mix. The general assessment is that Isac Lundestrom and Benoit-Oliver Groulx will be fine two-way players and that Lukas Dostal was one of the better netminders available in this draft class.

The Ducks Director of Professional/Amateur Scouting Martin Madden had this to say about the Ducks selections at the 2018 NHL Draft.

“Really happy with our selections yesterday and today. We’re definitely much deeper down the middle now. We’re really happy with Benoit-Olivier [Groulx] in the second round. We added two really skilled kids in the third [round]. We missed on a defenseman we were really looking forward to, but that’s all right. We got two longer term development guys there, but really talented, skilled players. We’re really happy. Two goalies, obviously. We wanted to add some depth in net. Still very happy with our selection last year, but we still needed some depth there. Both kids are legitimate prospects. Two really good athletes who have performed really well on the international stage.”

What say you, Ducks fans? Do you agree?

The grades and analyses for the Ducks 2018 Draft are presented below.

CBS Sports: B

Four of their first five picks addressed the offense. Isac Lundestrom in the first round wasn’t the flashiest pick, but he’s the kind of safe, solid and smart addition they need. Benoit-Oliver Groulx in the second round was a similar selection in that it emphasizes smarts — a fine focus, although the Ducks aren’t guaranteed to get elite production as a result.

Fansided: B

Hey look, a team that didn’t reach on a center because they are a well-run organization with a history of drafting and developing well. Amazing how teams like Anaheim and Los Angeles take the right player at the right position while teams like Phoenix and Montreal get blinded by position and try to outthink the rest of the league by taking players that no one else are thinking of. It’s almost like there’s a reason no one has those guys on their board and there’s a reason why Anaheim and Los Angeles are in the playoffs nearly every season. There’s nothing flashy about Lundestrom, but he’s a reliable two-way center who could turn into a strong second option up the middle. He’ll get the chance to learn from Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, and Ryan Kesler in the coming years, which certainly won’t hurt.

Other Notable Picks: Benoit-Olivier Groulx (C) (54), Blake McLaughlin (LW) (79), Lukas Dostal (G) (85)

As a depth guy, Anaheim got a winner in Benoit-Olivier Groulx. Maybe you would like to see them select more high-end talent in the first round, but the Ducks plan in this draft was clear based on their first two picks. They were going after two-way players to eventually replace Getzlaf and Kesler. McLaughlin has scoring upside, if you’re into that kind of thing. Lukas Dostal was the top ranked European goalie and Anaheim managed to get him in a good spot.

I give Anaheim credit for having a plan and sticking to it, even if it’s not overly flashy.

Last Word on Hockey: B

It is difficult to find quality centres in the NHL, and the Ducks have to be wary of the fact that Ryan Getzlaf and Ryan Kesler aren’t getting any younger. They addressed that with their top three picks. Lundestrom could be a solid two-way forward at the NHL level, capable of playing in all situations and putting up points. Groulx played wing this year but has been a centre in the past. He is another player who is solid at both ends of the ice. McLaughlin is another two-way centreman, capable of putting up points and playing defensive hockey.

From there the Ducks took one of the better goalies in this draft in Dostal. A bit confusingly they also took a second goalie in Durny. Perbix is a hard-working forward who must improve his skating. Drew is a defender with good size and passing ability.

Sporting News: A-

Lundestrom is a pain to play against, except he does it with skill and a nonstop motor. Getting younger and faster seems like the way the Ducks are heading towards, and their deep prospect pool just got better with one of the draft’s most NHL-ready centers.

Sporting News: A- (Second Article)

The Ducks usually know what they’re doing on draft day, and they proved it again by taking three skilled two-way forwards in centers Isac Lundestrom (23rd), B.O. Groulx (54th) and left wing Blake McLaughlin (79th). All three are first-round caliber. Goalies Lukas Dostal (85th) and Roman Durny (147th) aren’t towering, but they each put on some show at several high-profile tournaments. Abrasive winger Jack Perbix (116th) and physical overage defender Hunter Drew (178th) rounded out yet another solid Anaheim draft.

ESPN Insider: B+

The Athletic: C+

Isac Lunedstrom was a reasonable first-round pick. He wasn’t my guy, but he’s a very solid player. The second pick of Benoit-Olivier Groulx at 54 is something I wouldn’t endorse. He has great character and can take tough minutes, but I’m not sold on the upside. They got value later in Blake McLaughlin (who dropped due to off-ice concerns) and Lukas Dostal, which got their draft up to a decent level.

Yahoo! Sports: B-

Apparently Isac Lundestrom is fairly NHL-ready, maybe a year or so away. I don’t know that this fact helps them all that much because they probably have, like, a year or two left of this team being any good — especially up front — but they did what they could picking 23rd. The rest of the picks, they got some value, but this team has immediate needs

Bleacher Report: B-

Lunderstrom is a consistent player with a solid two-way game.

USA Today: No Grade

He is considered one of the safest picks in the first round because he skates well, competes hard, possesses keen hockey sense and is mindful of his defensive responsibility. He’s fast and has impressive hockey instincts. He has played two full seasons in the Swedish Elite League and will play in the NHL, but how much will he score?

PuckProse: No Grade

Anaheim Ducks select forward Isac Lundestrom: A versatile jack-of-all-trades forward. Impressive two-way game. Has a limited upside on offense, however.


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