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Oh Great...

Good news, everyone: Anaheim Calling just got a whole lot sexier!

Am I doing this correctly?
Photo by me

Hi, I’m Georgie Con! Formerly of BoC fame! You might remember me from groundbreaking Battle of Cali classics such as “The Dustin Brown ‘Tragedy’”, “The Mighty Martyrs of Anaheim”, and “BREAKING: Ducks Arm-Chair GM Arrested!

You’re probably asking yourself, “what the hell are you doing on Anaheim Calling?” Well, I now work here! You read that right, I have joined the ranks at Anaheim Calling! Why? I have no freaking clue! Will they regret asking me to come aboard? More than likely!

For my first official AC post, I’ve been asked to write an introduction addressing a few points. Here comes the nitty-gritty:

How did I become a Ducks fan?

Plain and simple: those damn movies, and I’ve zero shame in saying that - come at me Kings fans. I was a plumpy tween when the first one was released. It really made me fall in love with hockey and wanting to play. Before then, I couldn’t have cared less about the sport. Not even when Gretzky was playing in LA. I started really getting into them during their 2003 Cup run, and believe or not, Kariya was my first favorite Duck until...well, that’s another story.

Why am I writing/contributing to Anaheim Calling?

The long answer is that I’ve actually been blogging about the Ducks since 2009. I had moved from Anaheim to Olympia, WA in that summer and I wanted to continue my connection with the team/fan base. I started my blog called “Out of the Pond”. It mainly highlighted my fandom for not only the Ducks, but for hockey in general whilst living in a non-NHL market. I even did some vlog posts called “Ducks Vlogstrosity”. You can still find it on the YouTubes.

After I moved back to OC, I posted here and there, but I really didn't start writing more about the team until I joined those lovable degenerates at Battle of California. I felt right at home with my ability to lay thick layers of satirical content. My claim to fame was when Puck Daddy posted “The Dustin Brown ‘Tragedy’“ on Yahoo Sports. In that piece, you'll see that via cold hard facts, I pretty much painted Dustin Brown as a complete douche-bro leading to the real reason why he lost his captaincy - c’mon, you can totally see him busting out some serious Dutch oven action with the rookies while blasting Limp Bizkit!

With being one of the first real Ducks play-by-play people in 2009 on Twitter before teams hopped on the social media wagon in, I defintley consider myself a heavy presence on the site were I regularly answer conundrums regarding Anaheim with simply posting extreme close-ups of Randy Carlyle’s fat, smirky mug. I said it was going to be a long answer, but the main reason why I agreed to CJ, Jake, and JC insistently begging me to join is because it’s time to add some stupid fun into the site amongst all the nerdy fancy stat squiggles - corsi be gone! Really, what the HELL is a corsi?

Additional fun facts about me:

My best friend is a cat, I’ve been a Ducks STH for 6 seasons, I tend to bite the inside of my cheek when I chew gum, I’m real life friends with Biznasty, I once impaled my neck with a drum stick (no, not the chicken or ice cream treat kind), Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort has overtaken Christmas time for being my favorite, and Jake Rudolph really hates me. That’s just to name a few.

All in all, glad to be coming on where I can continue to torture Jake even more so.

Go Ducks!