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Ryan Kesler: Anaheim Ducks Fans NEW Public Enemy No. 1 (not mine)

With Corey Perry Being Lazy And Not Playing, Ducks Fans Are Pointing Their Fingers At An Innocent, Beloved Player.

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My heart goes on for this fine American
Sergei Belski - USA TODAY Sports

[Editor’s note: This is what we get for bringing in a Battle Of Cali writer. After last night’s game, we need some humor.]

I love Ryan Kesler.

Yes, I’ve made that rather obvious. When rumblings of Kesler began in 2013, I was excited. When it finally happened in 2014, I miiiiight have piddled myself. Hey, but so were a lot of Ducks fans. Kesler became a staple in Anaheim; we all love(d) him. We rightfully named him, King Slayer. We rejoiced when he was nominated for the Frank J. Selke trophy in 2016 for the fifth time is his career (he won it in 2011), and felt he had been robbed. We cried when we watched him heroically enter the NHL Awards on crutches though he looked stupidly sexy in his tuxedo. At the same time, many fans of Anaheim were calling for Ryan Kesler to be the new captain of the team. Yes, I was one of them. And now, fast-forward to the present: Ryan Kesler has become the unwarranted number one enemy in Anaheim.

The boos and jeers which were justly being hurled at Corey Perry not twelve months ago have now found a new target at Kesler by the very same fans who stood in ovation when he returned to the ice just this October, the crowd went mad when he scored. Probably but really because Perry wanted the heat off of him so he decided to take most of the season off, Kesler would become a martyr who has faced a bad case of cyber bullying since his time with the Vancouver Canucks almost reminiscent of what my colleague CJ Woodling wrote about in regards to Maxime Comtois, and yet, no one has condemned those who have endlessly harassed the “Magnificent 17”. Sure, Kesler hasn’t been doing well this season - hip surgeries can take up to 2 full years before one becomes 100%, at the least. Even I want to run out there into the ice and carry him out of harm’s way because of my unconditional love, like a parent who’s watching their child giving it all they’ve got and showing heart while other kids ruthlessly pick on them. Yes, I think it’s time for the team to consider talking to him about the possibility of sitting out a few games or even taking him off of the top PP unit, but Kesler is selfless. He perfectly defines what Survivor wrote and sang about having the “Eye of the Tiger” or better yet, “You’re The Best” performed by America’s national treasure, Joe “Bean” Esposito.

And baby doll, Ryan Kesler, I just want to thank you for being an inspiration. For being a martyr. No matter what happens, you are a inspiration for what a leader and a battler looks like. Like my boy Biznasty and my homegirl Chip, you have overcome your injuries and have risen like a phoenix from the ashes whence it came. You have taken that yoke upon your shoulders, and there are a few of us who’ll continue to proudly stand in your corner and wear your jersey no matter the cost, no matter what happens. Thank you, good sir. Thank you.

Also, can you sign my jersey?


Hob Murray or the nefariously infamous “Mob Burray”??
Jake Robles - @_JRobles71

As we all know (or should know by now), there have been rumblings amongst the hockey world after it was let out by Kevin Weeks of the NHL Network that if the Ducks continue they’re Herculean-like losing streak, change regarding Anaheim’s head coach may occur.

Few more reports of the same did follow in the wake of Weeks’ rumor which was stated during Anaheim’s amazing beating of 0-4 by the Edmonton Oilers just this past Sunday evening. Many began to question Weeks’ reliability. In the hockey world, he isn’t as credible as a few but he’s waaaaaaay more legitimate than many others. What ever the case is, it was reported by Eric Stephens of the Athletic that the Hobs (Murray) emphatically denied these claims.

So now begs the question: What Will Hob Murray Do?

I’m under the belief, and I’m usually right all the time, that if there’s a change with Anaheim’s head coaching position, it will be by the resignation of Randy Carlyle. He’s already slotted for a front office job once his contract is up at the end of this season, why would he get canned? One thing that has been put on record is conflicting stories from the club. Carlyle going on record that the players are highly frustrated with the current situation of the team play like utter boo-boo, but Anaheim Ducks Captain’s confusing comments stating the players aren’t frustrated at all. Who the hell knows what’s going on. The only thing that’s been consistent with this club is the fact that they currently aren’t good (save for John Gibson) and their losing streak at nine games. I mean shit, they have me rooting for the streak to continue because that’s the only impressive thing happening with the Ducks as of late.