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Andrew Cogliano: Our Ironman

A celebration of a man who gave his all for 584 games in the orange and black.

Anaheim Ducks v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Andrew Cogliano, a player beloved by the Ducks fanbase, was sadly traded to Dallas this morning. The outpouring of sadness over the move and love for Cogliano was palpable as he has truly been a fan-favorite throughout his tenure in Anaheim. I asked Ducks fans to send me some of their favorite moments so I could compile them here for everyone to see and enjoy. I’ll keep the writing to a minimum and anyone who didn’t send me anything on Twitter, please feel free to drop your favorite moments in the comments of this article. Without further ado, Andrew Cogliano:

This interview about his suspension in 2018 mentioned by @QuackCity22 on Twitter:

Cogs for Dogs as mentioned by @Leannehockeymom on Twitter:

This tying goal in Game 7 against the Oilers in 2017 mentioned by @Mkton31 and @PossumJ16 on Twitter:

And just some more Cogliano goals for the fun of it:

And can’t forget both of his hattricks against the Coyotes:

In 584 games as a Duck, Andrew had 103 goals and 233 points. He missed only 2 games during his tenure as a Duck due to a suspension and holds the fourth longest iron-man streak in NHL history at 830 games. We’re sad to see him go but we are so thankful for the time he spent as a Duck and wish him the very best in Dallas.