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“Fly Together”- Anaheim is Calling the Super Fans

Do you have what it takes to be this month’s Super Fan? Put your words where your orange is!

Wild Wing, arguably Anaheim’s #1 Super Fan, mugs with LiterateGal- Bonnie Shockey- and Bob Shockey at the Red Carpet Event on October 8, 2018 at the Honda Center. Fans old and young were there to get a moment with the players as they entered the Pond for their first league game.

We may be small, Ducks fans. Our Pond might be less spectacular than the Bell Center, with over 21,000 seats and its rich history. We may not have the drum squad of the Golden Knights (or its ensuing headache!), or the googly eyes of Gritty, (ya gotta love him, peeps!) But we have the ocean breeze in our hair, sand between our toes, and a heart as orange as the SoCal sun.

We are the “Mighty” Ducks, far, far more mighty than a movie can script. And within our house, 17,000 strong, sit Anaheim’s loudest, orangest, proudest and yellingest collection of spectators.

In the next months, I am going to highlight YOU, if you have what it takes to make the Orange Cut. Your memories of games, favorite players, definition of fandom, and personal experiences with the game and the team. Things might be loud. They might be deep. They might be moving. That is up to YOU..... the Super Fans who choose to click the link below and offer yourself up as tribute.... um, as focus.... for this exciting and energy-filled new bi-weekly column.

Are you the dance-off Queen of the JumboTron? The fan with the most long-distance miles under your DieHard Belt buckle? Have you clocked the most miles jumping on the inflated mats in the Hockey Spot? Is your face-paint on permanent storage in the glove box of your car, just in case you need to get your Ned Marr on?

Do you pick out the songs played by organist-extraordinaire Gil Imber and scream at the top of your lungs to the DJ? Do you WHOOO?

I cannot guarantee Ondrej Kase, Adam Henrique and Hampus Lindholm - level cool if you make it onto these pages, but you can rock the hat and give it a try!

Let’s get that roar ready for the return of Dawn Wright. Let’s cheer Wild Wing flying down from the rafters. Let’s get ready for the push that we need to survive whatever is around the corner. Long after this season’s slump(s) we will remain: the strong, the loud, the Wild-Winged, orange-donning Super Fandom.

We’re a pretty awesome bunch, and I want to show you off. Click the link and let’s “Fly Together.”

Fly Together Super Fan Form