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NHL Fans sound off on possible playoff teams

The results of the first SB Nation NHL Fanpulse are in!

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The results of SB Nation’s first ever NHL Fanpulse are in!

We asked fans two very important questions: which 2018-2019 Stanley Cup Playoff teams would miss this year, and which non-playoff teams would qualify.

As you can see, the Edmonton Oilers were the top vote-getter in the “make the playoffs” category. It makes complete sense, given that the most exciting offensive player in the NHL is powering the team to victory. It also doesn’t hurt to have supporting role players Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl help James Neal score all those goals, too.

As for the teams fans think will miss the playoffs, confidence in the Columbus Blue Jackets has obviously plummeted in the wake of Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky’s departures this offseason. Their depth will be tested this year as Columbus tries to prove that it can still have success without these two centerpieces.

Where did the Anaheim Ducks rank in the poll of non-playoff teams to make them this year, you ask?

They were ranked eighth, behind the New York Rangers and Arizona Coyotes with 7.86% of the vote. Given the results of last year combined with a team comprised of promising but inexperienced youngsters, this seems to be a reasonable position as far as fan optics are concerned.

As of this moment, however, visual-wizard Micah Blake McCurdy currently projects the Ducks to finish third in the Pacific Division and re-enter the playoffs based on preseason projections as well as their results so far.

We have a long way to go this season with only 13 games played, but there is certainly room for optimism as Anaheim continues to reestablish its identity with a relatively new roster and brand new head coach.

We will ask these same questions two more times this season — once in late December or early January, and again in March. Between now and then, there will be questions on a variety of topics every other Wednesday sent straight to the email of everyone who has signed up to participate.

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