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A ‘Mighty Ducks’ reboot is coming to Disney+

Details are emerging about an updated version of the classic franchise that was responsible for the birth of the hockey team.

Kyle Shohara - Anaheim Ducks

In January of 2018, The Hollywood Reporter detailed a plan to bring the Mighty Ducks franchise to TV, reviving a cultural icon that helped launch the fandom of millions of kids and serve as the inspiration for Disney to bring a new expansion NHL franchise to Anaheim.

Now, it has been reported by Discussing Film that the rebooted franchise will re-enter our lives as an exclusive series on Disney+, the company’s new streaming service expected to launch next week.

The new series will reportedly be executive produced by Steven Brill, who wrote the original 1992 movie, among others.

The series, according to Discussing Film, “focuses on a 13-year-old boy when he gets kicked off the junior division Mighty Ducks team, his mom decides to start their own team, finding players, a coach, and a place to play.”

It is currently unclear if the current Anaheim Ducks franchise, purchased in 2005 from the Walt Disney Company by Henry and Susan Samueli, will be involved in the production of the rebooted franchise. The trademark “Mighty Ducks” was included in the purchase of the team (and is not owned by Disney, despite myths to the contrary), but is only for the merchandising rights.

No cast announcements have been made as of yet, so it remains to be seen if any of the original actors and actresses will return to reprise their roles.

Production for the new series is expected to begin in February in Vancouver.