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Ducks @ Flyers RECAP: This hockey game was played with a bad coach and no system

You won’t believe what happens next!

It’s been a while since I did one of these so bear with me.

Chad Johnson got the start and the Flyers wore some weird correctional facility getup perhaps a nod to the Creed-like “my own prison” that the Ducks have created for themselves this season but for which they possibly should have reserved for the Predators and Austin Watson.

The Ducks had the best opportunity to start when Silfverberg had a clear cut breakaway, but as things have been going lately for the Ducks, he could not beat the rookie Carter Hart.

The Flyers naturally got the opening goal with ease as Cam Fowler failed to prevent his man from making a pass to the front of the net, and an open man that was not covered by Kesler in time led to an easy goal from the slot.

I should note at this point that it has been a while since I have seen a Ducks game too (I stopped watching sometime during the current losing streak), so seeing Corey Perry was kind of a “woah hey that guy, I remember him” moment.

Richie, Sprong and Henrique had a good opportunity but were denied by Hart. Again.

The Ducks generated all of much of the next few opportunities and actually showed a lot of promise, just little to no execution. Devon Shore at one point entered the Flyers’ zone with blazing speed, only to pull up and find no options to pass to a late coming Montour because the Ducks forwards were standing still with seemingly no idea of what was happening.

Despite all of the Ducks’ good work in the offensive zone, the Flyers came right back and potted one by Chad Johnson, again with simplicity.

Its like the Ducks were using a spoon- actually no, maybe a toothpick- to spread their toast while the Flyers had a knife.

The Ducks had a Power Play thanks to Rakell drawing a tripping call. Cam Fowler comicly skated the puck into his own player on the zone entry and a Flyers turnover the other way led to an easy Philadelphia goal.

Johnson had allowed three goals on eight shots at this point.

So more ho-hum play and a few minutes later, the Flyers made it 4-Zip after a puck bounced off some guy that looked like Silfverberg’s evil twin’s skate.

Perry showed some Heart in front of Hart, doing his usual thing with Gudas with less than seven seconds left in the opening period.

Intermission note: When did the Flyers get the horn-rimmed glasses guy from Heroes to be their coach?

The second period began with... wait. What is that? Can you hear that? OH MY GOD


The Ducks scored a goal just under a minute into the third on the Power Play courtesy of Adam Henrique, but who cares BECAUSE YOU GUYS KEVIN BOYLE WAS IN AN NHL GAME.

Philly challenged the call as it appeared Fowler failed to keep at the blue line just before the goal, which gave us the most hilarious shot of Cam Fowler looking perplexed.

But the play was deemed onside and Anaheim were given another power play as a result of the challenge.

They actually looked... good? on the Power Play but as things go for the Ducks, they were denied by Carter Hart’s stick knob.

Anaheim played relatively well for most of the second period, which was weird. They had some OK chances for the first fifteen minutes or so but allowed the Flyers to start getting some odd man rushes in the final minutes of the frame as they realised that Boyle was actually competent and so began to treat him like John Gibson.

The middle frame ended with Boyle facing and stopping 14 shots.

The third period started out relatively quietly and then picked up as the Ducks were assessed a penalty which was then nullified by Rowney being tripped on a partial breakaway. On the eventual Power Play the Ducks wasted no time in getting yet another goal with the man advantage (it really looks like they have been practising that?!) to bring the score to within two.

The Ducks continued to pressure after that, getting some point blank chances and a net front scramble in front of Hart courtesy of the Silfverberg line, but then took a penalty as they were overzealous with keeping the puck in the Philly zone.

The Flyers tested Boyle on the next man advantage and managed to eventually get one by him on a rush that ended in a bouncing puck squeaking between his legs as he slid to one side to make the save.

The goal seemed to deflate the Ducks completely and they allowed the Flyers to fire shot after shot on Boyle, getting another one by him by baseball swatting a rebound off his chest in the final two minutes.

Oh shit was I supposed to do a Best/Worst thing on this and not actually write much? Oh well.


Best & Worst


Kevin Boyle


Everything else

3 Stars of the Game

3. Kevin Boyle

2. Kevin Boyle

1. Kevin Boyle