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Ducks @ Senators PREVIEW: Another Game, Another Preview

This time, our emotions brought to you by Modern Family.

Same old sh** as the last preview

Game 55

Date: Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Time: 4:30 PT / 7:30 ET

Location: Canadian Tire Centre

TV: Fox Sports Prime

Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: Silver Seven

Is it sad that I dread writing a preview every time my scheduled time comes up? It’s true though because it’s been the same crap that we write preview/recap after preview/recap for the past month or so. What else is there to say? I probably shouldn’t say any of that since we want our readers to come back and read our spectrum of POVs. So just like my prior Parks & Rec-inspired piece, I bring you a Modern Family-inspired preview....


The Anaheim Ducks have dropped the past 17 of 19 games. The loss in Montreal was the 5th consecutive loss. They currently stand near the very bottom of the conference, only 3 points ahead of the Los Angeles Kings.

In a span of a month and a half, the Ducks have managed to completely tank and silence even the most optimistic of fans. It’s rather impressively unimpressive to say the least.


They will be facing off against the struggling Ottawa Senators, who, if you can believe it, are having an even WORSE season thus far. The Sens are also competing for a 2019 NHL Draft lottery win consecutive losses, having dropped the last one to the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-4 last night. They too have the last five consecutive games.

The last time the Ducks faced the Sens was back at the beginning of January. It was the 9th loss during the first streak. Hard to believe that was only a month ago.

Keys to the Game:

As Phil Dunphy says in his Phil’s-osophy: “Success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration and 2% attention to detail.” So basically try hard, try harder, and play hockey right. Am I missing anything?


Game starts at 4:30PM PST. Hockey gods save Gibby.