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Fans Ducked by Anaheim Over the Moon After Honeymoon Redo

Two Ducks fans on their honeymoon went viral and got an incredible offer to make up for witnessing the team’s struggles.

The Anaheim Ducks’ Canadian road trip from February 2nd-February 9th was arguably the lowest point of a disastrous season. The five-game trip saw the team lose every single game by an average of almost four and a half goals. It was so bad that a 4-1 loss in Montreal prompted Bob Murray to set the wheels in motion to a plan that would see the end of Randy Carlyle 2.0 in Anaheim.

While most Ducks fans could simply turn off the TV and flip over to The Voice, one newlywed couple endured each of these losses in person.

Andrew and Kaylin Gladd are die-hard Ducks fans. So much so that they spent their honeymoon following the team from Winnipeg, to Toronto, to Montreal, and to Ottawa on their road trip. The Anaheim Ducks’ Twitter account even highlighted their dedication during the trip.

After the loss in Ottawa, the Ducks’ fourth in a row on the trip, TSN broadcaster James Duthie took notice of the situation, asking for the couple to be identified with an amazing offer.

The offer? Four free nights at the Wymara Resort Turks + Caicos in the Caribbean, a luxury resort with standard rooms running over $900 per night. The interaction went viral and was covered on sites such as CBS Sports and BarDown.

Andrew was kind enough to speak with Anaheim Calling about the whirlwind experience.

Q: Even with the Ducks’ play over the road trip, how did you enjoy following them for a few games? Were you and your wife still able to enjoy it?

A: It was a great experience to be able to follow them on a road trip. This has always been a bucket list type trip for us, so my wife and I were extremely thankful we were able to make it happen for our honeymoon. I kind of anticipated it was going to be a difficult trip for the Ducks but was banking on them being able to take care of Ottawa. That game stung the most.

Each stop was unique and beautiful in its own way. In Winnipeg we were both able to skate outside on a frozen river while getting to rent a stick/puck to shoot on a public net. Living in SoCal my entire life, this was a huge highlight for me. We visited the hockey hall of fame, randomly met Kevin Bieksa in a hotel lobby in Toronto, meet up with another group of Ducks fans doing the same trip, stayed in old Montreal, went into the Notre-Dame basilica in Montreal, ate and drank our way through the entire trip; just to name some of the highlights.

Q: How did you find out about the offer from James Duthie? What went through your and your wife’s minds when you found out? What did he tell you when he DM’d you?

A: I follow James on Twitter, so when I woke up after the Ottawa game I did my usual check of the news on Twitter. I came across his first quote tweet where he said he felt like they should all chip in to send us to a resort or therapy. Then a little while later I saw his second tweet where he said his friends at the Wymara Resort wanted to give us a four-night trip. We were so excited! A little hesitant at first because it seemed too good to be true, but then I get a direct message from Wymara Resort and then one from James himself. James said he hopes we had a fun time besides the results and congratulated us on the wedding.

He said the resort is beautiful and the have the most beautiful beaches. Also he let us know the resort will contact us directly, but did mention it can be an expensive island but the people are nice and hoped it works out. After my response he wished us luck again and wants to hear about it when we go.

We received so much support from family and friends back home, NBC reached out for a phone interview. We did another phone interview with a radio station in Alberta and I couldn’t keep up with all the Twitter notifications. We were both blown away. This is not remotely normal for us but a really cool experience. We honestly were having the absolute best honeymoon before any of this started so we were just thankful it went where it did.

Q: Have you decided when you will be going on the trip? And did they include flights, or are you paying for that yourselves?

A: We have contacted the resort and are working on going either at the end of this year or early next year to avoid hurricane season.

Interestingly enough my wife turns 30 this April and I was already planning on taking her on some kind of trip, so this will be that trip now! We will have to see when it fits into our work and life schedules before we pick an exact date. It does not include flights so those prices will play into when we are able to book it. I did have a friend that is a pilot with JetBlue reach out on Facebook that he might be able to get us a buddy pass which would be amazing!