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Ryan Miller acquires Thin Mints for warm-up puck in blockbuster deal

NHL: FEB 13 Flames at Ducks Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the trade deadline approaching, the Anaheim Ducks made arguably the biggest move of the season Tuesday night.

Ducks goaltender Ryan Miller reportedly acquired a box of Thin Mints from a local Girl Scout in exchange for a warm-up puck.

Sources say the sudden demand for Girl Scout cookies this year around the trade deadline drove Miller to make a bold move to bolster his pantry at home before the opportunity slipped through his fingers while providing a significant boost to morale in the locker room. The interaction also reportedly left the local Girl Scout in a great mood, as she feels she came out of this deal with a valuable long-term asset.

The move by Miller is particularly notable since it’s unlike a member of the Ducks organization to make a significant trade that stands to put the team over the top. With the team in rebuilding mode, it appears this could be the dawn of a new, more aggressive roster-building strategy for Anaheim.