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AC Fantasy Hockey

Anaheim Calling's Fantasy Hockey League 2014-15

It's back! Anaheim Calling's Fantasy Hockey League returns for 2014-15. Sign up now, the draft is coming very soon!

Sign Up For The AC Fantasy Hockey League Now

The people have spoken and they want to play fantasy hockey. Details on how to join are here.

Play Fantasy Hockey with Anaheim Calling

No time to waste, join one of our two fantasy leagues (or both) today!

Anaheim Calling's Top 10 Ducks Inspired Fantasy Hockey Names

We have a lot of time we need to fill. Since we won't be playing Fantasy Hockey anytime soon, we will post the Top 10 Ducks-Inspired team names sent in by Anaheim Calling readers anyway.

Let's Play Pretend: Sign Up For Anaheim Calling's Fantasy League

Season or no season, the crew at Anaheim Calling are gearing up for fantasy hockey. Sign up to play with other Ducks hockey and non-Ducks hockey fans.

Anaheim Calling Fantasy Hockey Report (Pt.2)

Anaheim Calling Fantasy Hockey Report (Pt.2). The second round of Legends and Losers are up to bat!

Anaheim Calling Fantasy Hockey Report (Pt. 1)

Anaheim Calling Fantasy Hockey Report (Pt. 1). Up first, Legends & Losers of the Keeper & H2H Expansion Leagues

AC's Fantasy Draft Recap

AC Fantasy Draft Recap. Four drafts of hardcore hockey nerd on hockey nerd action.

AC Fantasy Hockey Drafts are TONIGHT

It's the kickoff of the official Anaheim Calling fantasy hockey league. Drafts begin tonight! Time to pretend you know what you're doing.

Sign Up for AC Fantasy Hockey...NOW!

Pick your poison. Anaheim Calling's 4 fantasy hockey leagues are ready for

2011-2012 AC Fantasy Hockey

A chat with Jeff from Dobber Hockey as we get ready for the upcoming '11-'12 AC Fantasy Hockey Leagues. Bring on the overly confident and under skilled!