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Ducks Playoffs 2013

Links: Bobby Ryan to the Devils?

And if we did pull the trigger, is there anyone you'd want in return?

Handshake Line Extra: Bye Old Friend, Enjoy The EC

The Ducks/Wings rivalry has been a revelation and the hockey will be the worse for losing it.

Chris' Handshake Line: Still Bitter

It's taken me a while to get to this, and I honestly still don't want to, but you gotta do what you gotta do...

Robby’s Hand Shake Line: Resigned Disappointment

Detroit brought it when it mattered most. They'll give Chicago fits if the play the same way.

Daniel's Handshake Line: The Realist

It's an important demonstration that separated hockey from other sports. Why should fans be exempt? Here's the handshake line.

Kyle's Hand Shake Line: Datsyuk, Howard, and More

Paying respect to the guys that knocked the Anaheim Ducks out of the playoffs, Kyle gives credit to Pavel Datyuk, Nicklass Kronwall, Jimmy Howard, and more as the Ducks season comes to a close.

Derek's Handshake Line: Let's Get This Over With

With the effort put forth by the Ducks in Game Seven, the Red Wings deserved to win this series. Time to spend a few minutes telling them why.

Kristen's Handshake Line: It's Gonna Be Alright

"Rockabye, rockabye." - Shawn Mullins/Sad Ducks Fans Let's set aside our pain for a moment, and participate in hockey's greatest tradition.

Hand Shake Line: Soon-To-Be-Retired SK's Congrats

We continue the Anaheim Calling playoff tradition of saying nice things to and about the team that just eliminated the Ducks from post-season play.

Ducks Eliminated From Playoffs by 3-2 Loss

The Anaheim Ducks 2013 season came to an end with a 3-2 loss in game seven of their Western Conference Quarterfinal matchup with the Detroit Red Wings. Emerson Etem and Francois Beauchemin recorded the goals for the Ducks.

GameThread: No Control & Lucille Bluth

This game is completely out of our hands and up to the players. So in honor of Mother's Day, lets celebrate our mothers by watching Arrested Development's Lucille Bluth.

Links: Is Hiller Hurting The Ducks?

Some think he is to blame for our Game 6 loss, and that Viktor Fasth should be given the start for Game 7. I think it's difficult to have a good game when there are red jerseys camped out in your crease all night.

Ducks Stat-urday: Who Has The Edge In Game 7?

How did we get here? And who has the edge in Game Seven?

Looking Back at The Ducks' Game 7 History

For the fifth time since their inception, the Ducks are going to play a winner-take-all Game Seven. Let's take a look at the previous four, shall we?

Overtime, Overtime, Overtime

Immediately following the Ducks devastating Game 6 loss in Detroit Chris and Kristen discuss overtimes galore heading into a terrifying Game 7.

Zetterberg, Red Wings Force Game 7 In Anaheim

The Ducks pull off another miracle comeback, only to be beaten in the 64 seconds of overtime. The series shifts back to Anaheim for Game 7.

GameThread: Took The Midnight Train Goin' Anywhere

Let's get the hell out of Detroit - for good.

Group Therapy: From Glow Sticks to Boning

This week in Ducks hockey: plenty of reasons to use expletives!

Ducks Defeat Wings 3-2 in OT, Take 3-2 Series Lead

The Anaheim Ducks defeated the Detroit Red Wings in overtime by a score of 3-2 to take a 3-2 lead in their Western Conference Quarterfinal series. Kyle Palmieri, Ryan Getzlaf, and Nick Bonino scored for Anaheim and Jonas Hiller stopped 29 shots.

GameThread: Well, It's The Best Three Now

Preview and GameThread for Game Five between the Anaheim Ducks and Detroit Red Wings at Honda Center, including who's hot, who's not, leading scorers, and even some fearless predictions about tonight's action.

Done With the First 4, On To the Next 2 (or 3)

The first four games of this series have provided us with plenty to think about, and when all is said and done, plenty to remember. But right now, it's the next couple games that matter.

Detroit Radio Hosts Should Stay Radio Hosts

There are homers and then there is Bill Simonson. His love for the Detroit Red Wings is clear; his grasp of reason and common sense, not so much.


I'm distracting you with outdoor game links in order to forget Game 4.

Brunner Nets OT Winner to Tie Series at Two

The Ducks led early, but faded as the game wore on to a point where they couldn't even really mount an attack in Overtime and the series is tied back up at two games a piece heading into Game 5 Wednesday.

Game 4 Thread: Stranglehold or Square One?

The Ducks look to extend their series lead to 3-1 without the services of Toni Lydman, and of course the Wings will miss Justin Abdelkader due to suspension. At the risk of sounding crass and unfeeling, that's not a terrible trade-off for Anaheim.

Ducks Lead Series 2-1 & Abdelkader's Hit on Lydman

Chris and Kristen discuss the first three games of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs as the Ducks lead Detroit 2-1. What did the failed comeback in Game 2 mean? Justin Abdelkader's hit on Toni Lydman and much more.

Links: Former Ducks Draft Pick Wins $1 Million

Thought I'd lighten the links with a little fluff before Game 4 at "Guantanamo Bay Joe Louis Arena," as our Fearless Leader Jen likes to say.

Abdelkader Suspended for Games 4 & 5

Brendan Shanahan NHL Vice President of Sweet Justice ruled that Justin Abdelkader's hit on Toni Lydman in Game 3 was "a high, violent check with significant contact to the head, that caused an injury"

Live Blog: Ducks Win Big, Let's Laugh About It!

Daniel live blogs to have fun and make hockey observations. You might laugh. You might cry. You will wonder how he managed to make all those pop culture references.

Ducks Blank Wings 4-0, Lose Lydman To High Hit

After giving up a devastating goal in OT on Thursday, the Ducks came back to score another four goals in order to take a 2-1 series lead over the Detroit Red Wings.

GameThread: Planting The Seed Of Doubt

In Game 2, Anaheim mounted an incredible comeback over the Detroit Red Wings in the third period only to lose the game in the beginning minutes of OT. The series shifts back to Detroit and the unfriendly confines of Guantanamo Bay-er-Joe Louis Arena

Ducks Stat-urday: Oh Perry, Where Art Thou?

Anaheim's former Hart Trophy winner has seemingly disappeared. What the hell happened?


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