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Hawk Thoughts

Opinion pieces by Anaheim Calling writer Eric Evelhoch

Are Ducks Issues With Coaching, Or Construction?

The dominant discussion point about Anaheim's struggles this season have been the failings of head coach Bruce Boudreau. Yet examining the roster Anaheim has iced this year, it may not be entirely fair to pin the blame squarely on coaching.

HAWK THOUGHT: Returning Past Coaches Hasn't Worked

With rumors of a potential Randy Carlyle return percolating, we examine the history of franchises bringing back past Stanley Cup Champion coaches. It hasn't worked in the past- find out why it likely wouldn't work for the Ducks this year.

Dear Ducks, Bring Back The Bear Brass For 2015-16

One of the great additions the Ducks made for the playoffs year came in the stands, when they brought the Bear Brass in as part of Honda Center's game day presentation. Anaheim should bring back the brass group for this season.

NBC Television Schedule Does Ducks No Favors

Anaheim remains the best team nobody gets to nationally see regularly in 2015-16, as the Ducks will be featured on just four broadcasts.

Remembering The Brilliance Of Bryzgalov In Anaheim

With reports from HC Lada of the official KHL website stating former Duck Ilya Bryzgalov is considering retirement, it's worth remembering his strong start before the cartoon-ish portrayal of his personality became the dominant story of his career.

Snap Reflection: 2014-15 Was A Good Year For Ducks

While it didn't end with a second title in Orange County, there's plenty to appreciate about what this season brought Ducks fans. Check out seven reasons to be positive about 14-15, and even more so heading in to next season.

Why Andersen Must Be Ducks Starter Come Playoffs

It took a freak injury for Gibson to assume the net, but ignoring Andersen's better performance statistically is asking for peril come playoff time. Find out why it should be Freddie in net for the Ducks come the post season.

Did Bruce Boudreau Just Give Up The Ghost vs LA?

With the final regular season between the Ducks and Kings tonight, Bruce Boudreau's recent words about Anaheim's SoCal rival seem anything but inspiring. Find out what he had to say about LA, and why it could be concerning.

East Coast Hawk - Rangers @ Capitals Experience

This week Hawk is visiting family on the east coast, and was on hand for the Capitals-Rangers Wednesday Night Rivalry game at Verizon Center. Find out what the experience was like, as well as thoughts about both the teams and more.