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Syracuse Crunch (AHL)

Everything you could ever want on the Ducks' affiliation with the Syracuse Crunch. The contentious divorce ended after the 2012 season.

Chirping the Bench: The Haves and the Have Nots

Allokago talks players she hasn't advertised, and some she hasn't admonished, as much as she would have liked recently.

Chirping The Bench: A Tale of Two Teams

Allokago breaks down Ray Emery's first great game with the Crunch and the team that decided to score around him.

Chirping the Bench: 0_0

Allokago breaks down another week in the life of the Crunch.

Chirping The Bench: Boy, Is This Fun!

Allokago's latest update on the Crunch covers game recaps, the latest in the Mirasty saga and the possible pending arrival of Ray Emery.

Chirping the Bench: Acceptance

Allokago is finally ready to laugh at a tough crunch season.

Chirping The Bench: Mid-Year Reviews, part 2

Allokago offers part 2 of her Crunch update.

Chirping the Bench: The "Hail and Farewell" Edition.

Anaheim Calling Crunch correspondent Magics gives his parting words before leaving for Russia.

Chirping The Bench: Mid-Year Reviews, part 1

Allokago takes a look at how the Crunch defense and goaltending are coming along.

Chirping the Bench: The Allokago Edition

New Crunch Correspondent Allokago updates Ducks fans on their AHL affiliate in Syracuse

Chirping the Bench: The "GIN!" Week That Was.

Magics recalls the week that the wheels of the Crunch season fell off.

Chirping the Bench: The "Etymology" Week That Was.

Magics reviews the week that was for the Ducks' AHL franchise.

Chirping the Bench: The "Better Late Than Never" Week That Was.

Magics reviews the week in the AHL for the Crunch and looks ahead to the holiday weekend.

Chirping the Bench: The "Good, Bad and Ugly" Week That Was.

Magics runs down the week for the Syracuse Crunch, the AHL affiliate for the Anaheim Ducks: they won some, they lost some.

Chirping the Bench: The "Progress!" Week That Was.

Magics' rundown of the past week for the Syracuse Crunch, Anaheim's AHL affiliate.

Chirping the Bench: The "Baby Steps" Week That Was.

Your Syracuse Crunch Recap/Preview for the week.

Chirping The Bench - MJ's Annual Gin-Blossoming: Your Week in Review

Update on the Syracuse Crunch's opening two games from AC's AHL correspondent Magics Johnson

Chirping The Bench: Let's Not Enter The Panic Room Just Yet

Magics takes a look at the recent injury to future Crunch forward Jason Jaffray

"In the Backseat of a Volkswagen?" Your Syracuse Crunch Primer.

MJ of Chairman How's Glorious Army gives Ducks fans a primer on the history of the Syracuse Crunch

It's M-E-I-E-R

Anaheim Calling discusses the headgear of goalie prospect Timo Pielmeier

Already? Yes, Already.

Anaheim Calling Adds a Crunch Correspondent

Anaheim Calling's new AHL correspondent introduces himself.

The Syracuse Crunch Blog With Lindsay Kramer

Anaheim Calling plugs The Syracuse Crunch Blog


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