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Duck Tales & Duck U

Teaching the masses about Anaheim Ducks history

PD's National Hockey League of Nations

Chris lists the best players in Ducks history by nationality for Puck Daddy (too bad we don't have any good Finns)

Seven Years Since '07

There are still no words to truly describe it, but I tried...

Ducks History: Once Upon A Time We Had A Good PP

What seems to be an old wives tale now, at a few points in time the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks had a good power play. Much of the success can be attributed to Teemu Selanne, who received is 1000th NHL point this week in 2006.

Happy Birthday, Ducks fans!

On this day 20 years ago, Disney announced the birth of the then-Mighty Ducks of Anaheim franchise. Here's a look back on the last 20 years and cheers to the next 20.

Ducks History: Teemu Scores 17 goals in 11 Games

The Ducks got off to the best start in NHL history, Paul Kariya took a TON of shots, Teemu Selanne ended an awesome goal scoring streak, and one of the worst games ever: it all happened ... This Week in Ducks History.

This Week In Ducks History: Selanne's 560th Goal

This Week in Ducks History, we saw Paul Kariya earn his then-franchise high 600th point as a Mighty Duck against BFF Teemu Selanne and the Sharks. (Still a terrible trade.)

This Week In Ducks History: Getzy's First Goal

Remember when Ryan Getzlaf used to score goals? Yeah, we don't either, but his first one apparently happened this week.

Ducks History: Paul Kariya, The Early Years

Paul Kariya turned 38 this week, and we celebrate by reviewing his teens and early 20s

Ducks History: First Game & Perry Fights Datsyuk

The only good thing about the Ducks not starting the season this week? They usually suck in season openers, as we learn This Week in Ducks History

Ducks History: Kids' Movie Changes Hockey World

The franchise's namesake movie was released 20 years ago, this week, and changed the game as we know it... maybe that's an exaggeration, but who knows how many of us would be reading this if that hadn't happened.

This Week in Ducks History: Rapid Fire!

It's rapid fire Ducks History this week, with some notable birthdays, minor trades, the NHL Premiere in London, Stu Grimson and possibly the most obscure fact that will be featured in this series.

This Week in Ducks History: September 16th - September 22nd

This week in Ducks History (and NHL history) the 2004-05 lockout began, and can be considered a blessing in disguise for the Ducks, unlike the current lockout situation.

This Week in Ducks History: September 9th - September 15th

It's a boring week in Ducks history. We decide to laugh Toronto for trading their 3rd overall pick in the 1989 draft for NJ Devil Tom Kurvers. That 3rd pick? Scott Niedermayer.

Duck Tales: October 20, 1993; Brodeur's First Shutout

Back with the second of addition of Ducks Tails from the vault, Chris gives the MST3K treatment to the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim versus some young goaltender named Martin Brodeur. Never heard of him. Hop in the DeLorean. We're going to October 20, 1993

Mighty Ducks Record First Win, 20 Years ago Today

Chris goes into the NHL Vault on GameCenter Live and gives the Mighty Ducks' first win the MST3K treatment (in writing). [originally published 7/24/12]

Tribute to Teemu Week: Return to the Happy Place

Tribute to Teemu Week: Return to the Happy Place. The prodigal son returns to Anaheim for good.

Tribute to Teemu Week: The Wilderness Years

Tribute to Teemu Week: The Wilderness Years. San Jose and Colorado? Poor Teemu.

Tribute to Teemu Week: The Wonder (Twin) Years

Tribute to Teemu Week: The Wonder (Twin) Years. Perry & Getzlaf are nothing compared to Kariya & Selanne

Tribute to Teemu Week: A Trade That Changed Two Franchises

Tribute to Teemu Week: The Trade That Changed Two Franchises. What were the Jets thinking?

Tribute to Teemu Week: Selanne's Formative Years with the Jets

Tribute to Teemu Week: Selanne's Formative Years with the Jets. (Or "Tuh-tuh-tuh-Teemu and the Jets")

Tribute to Teemu Week: The Beginning

In anticipation of his homecoming in The Peg, AC presents Tribute to Teemu Week. First up, "The Beginning"

Duck U: RIV 103 – Los Angeles Kings

Duck U – RIVARLY 103: Los Angeles Kings. Ok, still not much of a rivalry but there is hate. Lots and lots of hate

Duck U: RIV 102 – Nashville Predators

Duck U: Rivalry Theory 102 – Nashville Predators. What is it about the men in mustard that drives us insane?

Duck U: RIV 101 - Rivalry Theory

Duck U: Rivalry Theory. Are rivalries born or are they created?

Duck U: Applied Simmonsology - "The Secret"

Duck U: Applied Simmonsology. Applying The Sports Guy Bill Simmon's "The Secret" to the 2007 & 2010-11 Anaheim Ducks.

DUCK U - OLY 301: Anaheim & The Olympiad

Duck U - OLY 302: Anaheim & The Olympiad. Professor Robby lectures on the broad impact of Ducks at the games and the possible current Ducks that could have a ticket to Sochi (if the NHL lets them)

First Day of School at Duck U

Welcome to a new semester at Duck U! First lesson, Architecture 193: Starting a Franchise. What came first to Disney, the team or the green?

The 2004-05 Cincinnati Mighty Ducks

Arthur looks back on the Lockout Ducks

Jen The Getzlafologist

Jen, Anaheim Calling's Resident "Getzlafologist" (the study of all things Ryan Getzlaf). Topic 1: An anthropological look at his evolution

Duck Tales: Pierre Pagé

Anaheim Calling remembers the season the team was coached by Pierre Pagé

Duck Tales: Defending The Pond

Anaheim Calling talks about the Wild Wing statue at the Honda Center

Jen's Fairytales: Journey of Sir Bobby (cont'd)

Jen's Tale of Sir Bobby continued


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