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Hand Shake Line 2013

As is tradition, the Anaheim Calling staff gives credit where credit is due to the team that just eliminated the Ducks from the playoffs.

Handshake Line Extra: Bye Old Friend, Enjoy The EC

The Ducks/Wings rivalry has been a revelation and the hockey will be the worse for losing it.

Chris' Handshake Line: Still Bitter

It's taken me a while to get to this, and I honestly still don't want to, but you gotta do what you gotta do...

Robby’s Hand Shake Line: Resigned Disappointment

Detroit brought it when it mattered most. They'll give Chicago fits if the play the same way.

Daniel's Handshake Line: The Realist

It's an important demonstration that separated hockey from other sports. Why should fans be exempt? Here's the handshake line.

Kyle's Hand Shake Line: Datsyuk, Howard, and More

Paying respect to the guys that knocked the Anaheim Ducks out of the playoffs, Kyle gives credit to Pavel Datyuk, Nicklass Kronwall, Jimmy Howard, and more as the Ducks season comes to a close.

Derek's Handshake Line: Let's Get This Over With

With the effort put forth by the Ducks in Game Seven, the Red Wings deserved to win this series. Time to spend a few minutes telling them why.

Kristen's Handshake Line: It's Gonna Be Alright

"Rockabye, rockabye." - Shawn Mullins/Sad Ducks Fans Let's set aside our pain for a moment, and participate in hockey's greatest tradition.

Hand Shake Line: Soon-To-Be-Retired SK's Congrats

We continue the Anaheim Calling playoff tradition of saying nice things to and about the team that just eliminated the Ducks from post-season play.