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Handshake Line 2014

Handshake Line Posts from the 2014 Anaheim Ducks Playoff Run.

Handshake Line: The Kings Stand Alone

Heigh-ho, the derry-o...

Handshake Line: Grumble Grumble Congrats Grumble

Anyone know knows me knows how much I absolutely despise the Los Angeles Kings. So needless to say, losing to them or giving them any credit at all is slightly less favorable than getting a root canal.

Handshake Line: Yes this is a thumbtack on my palm

This series would have been better with the Kings wearing purple and gold and the Ducks wearing teal and eggplant. What could have been.

Handshake Line: A Few of my Favorite Kings

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens/ Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens/ Brown paper packages tied up with strings/ These are a few of my favorite Kings.

Handshake Line: This is only the beginning...

...of an outright bitter California rivalry.

Handshake Line: Reluctant Respect

No matter what team you root for, you cannot deny that the first ever Playoff series between the Ducks and Kings was, at the very least, gripping.

Handshake Line: Kudos to the Kings

Fans on both sides will remember this series for a long time to come. The Kings showed up to play in Games Six and Seven, and that was the difference.

Handshake Line: The Rivalry Begins

A true rivalry has begun now that there has finally been a playoff series between the Ducks and Kings.

Handshake Line: Reinvented Rivalry

Thought the hatred between the Ducks and Kings reached its peak when both teams finally got really, really good at the same time? Think again!

Handshake Line: Living In Epochal Times

Sometimes it's of benefit to take a look to the past and realize the uniqueness of the modern time. While the Ducks came up short, they did so against the greatest team the Los Angeles Kings have ever had. No shame in losing to a franchise's best.

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Handshake Line

After a few days to cool off, so we don't pull a Milan Lucic, we at AC give the Kings their due for taking the first Playoff Freeway Faceoff in Seven Games.

Handshake Line: Great Southern Trendkillers

With all the speed and attitude of a legendary southern metal band, the Stars provided not only a tough first round test for Anaheim, but a warning to the rest of the NHL that they're ready to return to their traditional spot of playoff prominence.

Handshake Line: Exposing our Faults

It's an unusual thing to thank our foes for exposing the Ducks' faults--but in doing so, both teams can move forward in their separate paths.

Handshake Line: Hate to Play 'em Love to Have 'em

Good game, good game, good game, good game, hell of a series, good game, good game, good game...

Handshake Line: Consolation Prizes

Although their first trip to the playoffs in the last six seasons didn't last as long as they would've liked, there's still plenty of reason for optimism in Dallas.

Handshake Line: Rivalry Renewed

The Dallas Stars reminded Ducks fans why they are a difficult team to play against and that they are a team on the rise.

Handshake Line: The Future

The fans in Dallas were great in all three games and they have a lot to look forward to with this team, just not in the next month and a half.

Handshake Line: Where the Stars Shine

The Dallas Stars fought at a calibre that is uncommon for teams who scrape into the postseason in the eighth spot. The Ducks triumphed, however the Stars truly came out with a tough battle, so from the fans, we thank you for such an entertaining, exc

Handshake Line: These Guys Are Ahead of Schedule

The Stars came pretty close to upsetting the top seed in a postseason that they weren't even expected to qualify for.

Handshake Line: Props to You, Dallas

In this first post of Anaheim Calling's Handshake Line series, Kyle gives props to the Dallas Stars franchise for an incredible playoff series.

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The Handshake Line: Thank You, Dallas Stars

As the Anaheim Ducks prepare to move on to the second round, we here at AC take a look back and say thank you to our opponents for a truly tough and entertaining playoff series.


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