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Link Roundup

Ducks and other news we have deemed worthy.

Duck Tales: The Handshake Links Edition

Doing double duty!

Duck Tales: The Conference Finals Edition


Duck Tales: The Leadership Edition

Ryan Getzlaf has been nominated for the Mark Messier Leadership Award. Let’s hope he can lead the Ducks to a second round comeback.

Duck Tales: The Round 2 Edition

Ducks-Oilers previews and the return of Cam Fowler.

Duck Tales: The Selke Finalist Ryan Kesler Edition

Kesler was named as a finalist for the Selke Trophy on Wednesday.

Duck Tales: The All The Right Bounces Edition

We’ve dominated the Flames. Can we take them to the brink tonight? (Spoiler: We did!)

Duck Tales: The Defense + Gibby = Cup? Edition

Regular season reflections and playoff previews.

Duck Tales: The Ryan Beastlaf Edition

O Captain, My Captain!

Duck Tales: The Ducks Ascendant Edition

The Ducks are on the rise, plus Brad Marchand, Hockey Hero.

Duck Tales: The Refreshed and Rejuvenated Edition

The Ducks are excited to be back on home ice.

Duck Tales: The Sami Vatanen Edition

Plus your garden variety trade deadline chatter.

Duck Tales: The Ducks Almost Traded Corey Perry Once

Hard to believe.

Duck Tales: The Baby Kesler All-Star Edition

Highlights and happenings from All-Star Weekend.

Duck Tales: The Kevin Bieksa, Iconic Defenseman Edition

Does the widely criticized blueliner have an upside?

Duck Tales: The Atop The Division Edition

Sometimes, you just have to be just a little better than the next guy.

Duck Tales: The New Year, New Ducks Edition

Some resolutions, ruminations, and injury updates.

Duck Tales: The Plethora of Concerns Edition

The Ducks have been uneven. What’s up?

Duck Tales: The Donations and Ducks References Edition

Benefits, SNL shoutouts, and minor league updates.

Duck Tales: The Randy Carlyle Redux Edition

The hard boiled coach tries a new approach.

Duck Tales: The Twins Break Through Edition

Have the woes of Perry and Getzlaf finally come to an end?

Duck Tales: The Ducklings Edition

News and notes on the Ducks’ youngest and emerging players.

Duck Tales: The Cam Fowler Will Not Be Traded (For Now) Edition

Plus the rise of Silfverberg and a guide for visiting fans.

Duck Tales: The No Trouba For You! Edition

Winnipeg is refusing to let go of the defenseman...for now.

Duck Tales: The Work Ethic Edition

Where is it?

Duck Tales: The Scorey Perry Edition

Plus a promise from Sod, and waiting on Rakell’s return.

Duck Tales: The Bye Bye Bernier? Edition

Could a Jonathan Bernier trade clear up cap space for the Ducks, and help the Kings’ goalie shortage?

Duck Tales: The Come Back, Hampus, Please Edition


Duck Tales: The Lines are Finally Taking Shape Edition

And some additional minor league moves.

Duck Tales: The Minor League Moves Edition

Plus the latest Swedish RFA updates...

Duck Tales: The Training Camp Roster Reduced To 39 Edition

Plus continued Swedish Duck contract drama.

Duck Tales: The Hampus Lindholm's Contract Edition

Fraught contract negotiations everywhere!

Duck Tales: The Bernier Fallout and Assorted Offseason Ruminations Edition

More Bernier stuff! Crazy trade proposals! Offseason signings!


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