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Statistical analysis

Examining 3rd Period Line Combinations vs Carolina

One of the tricks that Ducks fans have come to know and expect from Coach Boudreau when things aren't clicking for the team is to shuffle up the line combinations. A multi-goal deficit saw the shaking of the metaphorical line Etch-A-Sketch.

Which Salary Cap Era Teams Had Most Hall of Famers

How do the 2007 Anaheim Ducks stack up to the best teams in recent history?

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TSN: Less Ice Time = More From Getzlaf + Perry

TSN's Travis Yost has an article up making the argument that as the Ducks depth has improved and since Bruce Boudreau took over, not only has the ice time for Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry dropped but their goal differential has improved dramatically.

The 1st Line LW Question: A Historical Perspective

Exploring the wingers that have skated with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry over the years to find out which player, and playing style has lead to the best production. Was Bobby Ryan really that great with them? Who on the current team could be a fit?

Playoffmetrics: Game 7, Round 3

The team was not in form.

Game 7 Thread

Come here to read stats and puke your guts out.

7th Game Of A 7th Game: On Boudreau's Teams

By now you've heard the narrative about how Bruce's team's "can't win game sevens". Lets take a look back at the results that have lead to that, while also exploring some deeper history as well as a ponder over what can be done on Saturday.

Playoffmetrics: Game 6, Round 3

At least Anaheim didn't give this one away so much as just never gave itself a chance.

On the Edge: Game 6 Thread

For the first time in the postseason, the Blackhawks have their backs firmly against the wall. If the Ducks can down them one more time, they will clinch their first Western Conference Championship in eight years.

Playoffmetrics: Game 5, Round 3

This would have been a heartbreaker of a game to give away.

Playoffmetrics: Game 4, Round 3

A winnable game that slipped away at the end of regulation.

Western Conference Final Game 4 Thread

Stats 'n' Chats.

Playoffmetrics: Game 3, Round 3

The Ducks have regained the home ice advantage in the series.

Game 3 Thread: Regroup and Respond

The Ducks square off against Corey Crawford and friends in pursuit of an ever-important 2-1 series lead on enemy ice.

Playoffmetrics: Game 2, Round 3

Boy aren't we glad an elite-level offensive-defenseman is sitting in the press box so Stoner can play?

Game 2 Thread: To Avoid a Split

The second installment of this year's Western Conference Final is upon us.

Playoffmetrics: Game 1, Round 3

This was a very interesting game.

Playoffmetrics: Game 5, Round 2

Congratulations to Boudreau for finally advancing past the second round.

FINISH THEM! Game 5 Thread

Do the Ducks punch their tickets to their first Conference Final in eight years? Does Corey Perry match his postseason point record? Will Jonas Hiller cry? All these questions and more will be answered shortly in Game 5!

Playoffmetrics: Game 4, Round 4

Interesting personnel usage in game four paid off.

Playoffmetrics: Game 3, Round 3

This was a poor game by Anaheim.

Playoffmetrics: Game 2, Round 2

This game was more indicative of what I thought game one would be.

Game 2 Thread: Heating Up

The Ducks prepare for the response from a Calgary squad that's desperate to provide an answer for the Game 1 schadenfreude.

Playoffmetrics: Game 1, Round 2

The Ducks played a satisfying game one against the Flames.

Ducks/Flames Game 1 Thread

"Round 2 begins now." - Boring Sean Monahan

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Datarink Ducks/Flames Matchups

Here are the individual player for player fancy stat match ups from for the Ducks/Flames regular season series, because I meant to put it in the preview and we're all just waiting for 7pm.

Thanks For The Memories

Wrapping up three years of affiliation.

Playoffmetrics: Game Four

Game four stat visualizations.

Game 4 Thread: Jettison the Jets

The fourth one is always the toughest. That's what they tell me, anyway.

Playoffmetrics: Game Three

The third game was by far the most entertaining and most contested of the series thus far.

Great White North: Ducks/Jets Game 3 Thread

The Winnipeg Jets are ready for Game 3. The Winnipeg White Out is definitely ready for Game 3. Will the Ducks still be able to stifle their efforts to claw back in the series?

Playoffmetrics: Game Two

Here are some quick charts and words about game two, Jets at Ducks.


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