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Pardon the InterDUCKtion

PTI for the feathered

Anaheim Calling Blogger Draft Results

Some exciting young rookies are joining the AC Staff! Get familiar with the new additions right here!

INTRO: Meet The New Guy

They made me write about myself. So here we go.

INTRO: New Kid on the Block

My name is John McDonough, you can call me JC though, and I am the newest addition to the Anaheim Calling writing staff. You may know me as @OhSoMightyDucks on Twitter, although I did just change my handle to @AC_JC1591

Town Hall Debate: NHL Rule Changes

It's time to re-open the debate floor. A few of the widely-contested rules of the NHL are analyzed and a few new rules are suggested to help make the game better.

Pardon the InterDUCKtion: Pro-Murray vs. Anti-Murray

A good old fashioned debate on one of the Ducks most heated topics of the summer - Bob Murray. The pro-Murray camp (yes, there is one) and the anti-Murray legion square off on the top five most controversial topics of Murray's reign.

Pardon the InterDucktion: Debating Realignment

Pardon the InterDucktion: Debating Realignment. Robby & Chris tackle the NHL's massive overhaul.

Youth Movement: Round 2

Youth Movement: Round 2

Youth Movement: Round 1

Youth Movement: Round 1. Debating the best young defenseman and the best young forward.

Ducks Trade the 22nd pick

The Ducks trade down in the first round

Goaltenders: The Sacred Cow?

Goaltenders: The Sacred Cow? Tim Thomas is kicking ass and taking names. Jen & Robby debate Goalie-on-Skater violence.

Let Down and Hanging Around

Daniel and Arthur discuss the context of a potential Sharks failure in Game 7

Shear The Beard?

Arthur and Daniel ask a question on playoff superstition etiquette.

Must See TV

Arthur and Robby discuss the new NHL TV contract

When You Hear Hoofbeats, Expect To See A Zebra

Arthur and Daniel talk about what they think is the storyline for the Ducks Preds series thus far

Ultimate Goal

Arthur and Daniel discuss whether the Ducks should tighten the defense or bolster the offense against the Predators

Whistle Wary

Arthur and Daniel discuss whether or not the Ducks would benefit from a chippy series with Nashville

Suspended Animation

Arthur and Robby discuss Bobby Ryan's skate stomp.

Razor's Edge

Arthur and Daniel discuss whether or not Ray Emery should be the Game 2 starter.

'Tender Subject

Arthur and Daniel discuss whether or not world class goaltending is still important in today's playoffs.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Arthur and Daniel discuss potential first round matchups for Anaheim.

No Debate: Daniel Takes on Wysh

Presents an argument as to why Corey Perry is more deserving of the Hart Trophy than Daniel Sedin.


Arthur and Daniel discuss where in Ducks history they would rank Corey Perry's goal scoring performance this year

Fast Fish

Daniel and Arthur discuss whether or not a Ducks Sharks playoff matchup can be considered a rematch of the series from two years ago.

Stache'd Away

Daniel and Arthur discuss Randy Carlyle's decision not to send Parros out sooner.

Have A Hart

Arthur and Daniel discuss a possible Corey Perry bid for the Hart Trophy.

Downhill Runner

Arthur and Daniel ask if trying to force Jonas HIller back into the lineup right now is dangerous for the Ducks' playoff chances.

Thank You Note

Daniel asks who the Ducks should thank for their return to playoff contention


Arthur and Daniel discuss the power of faith in the FOWL down the stretch.

Uphill Climb

Arthur and Daniel discuss the value of a returning Hiller


Arthur and Daniel discuss who they think is the star of the Ducks defensive corps.

Assessing Teem(u) Nieds

If they could only talk Selanne OR Niedermayer into staying, Daniel and Arthur discuss which they would choose.

Saku Sidelined

Arthur and Daniel discuss whether or not the Ducks can salvage this road trip if Saku Koivu stays injured.


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