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Pond of Honor

Honoring former Ducks that made a difference

Blackhawks Win Triple-OT Instant Classic 3-2

Both teams almost ended it more times than anyone can remember while playing hockey at its highest possible level, but the Hawks ultimately came away with the series evener.

Images For8ver Etched In Our Memories....

A look back at For8ver Teemu Night through the lens of one fan...ME! :)

Teemu Week: AC Favorites

The AC staff recount some of our favorite memories and moments in the long and illustrious career of the Finnish Flash.

Teemu's Last Truly Great Performance?

At age 40, Teemu Selanne did everything imaginable in his power to push the Ducks past Nashville in the playoffs, but it wasn't enough.

The Greatest Moment of a Great Duck

A quick glance at the one of the greatest post seasons of one of the greatest Ducks.

Eight & Nine: Anaheim's Original Dynamic Duo

So here lies the tale of a friendship that began on the ice and continues on to this day off the ice.

Other Players in the 1996 Winnipeg-Anaheim Trade

Paying tribute to those who brought Teemu to us.

This stream has:


All of Anaheim Calling's coverage of the Teemu Selanne Jersey Retirement week (and some other bits and bobs).

George Parros: A Career in Goals

Most tributes to Parros since his retirement have focused on his best fights and his mustache. While that may make a whole lot of sense based on what he was known for throughout his career, I've decided to compile a different set of highlights.

Don't Worry, Be Happy: Bryzgalov to Tryout

The Ducks needed a stopgap goalie and they got the most entertaining one ever.

Top 25 Ducks of All Time: #7 Chris Pronger

A long time rival in the Western Conference, Chris Pronger's arrival in Anaheim signaled the Ducks ascension to being true Stanley Cup contenders. It's amazing how quickly a villain can become a hero when they wear the right colors.

Featured Fanshot

Guy Hebert's TV Debut Pre and Post Game Tonight

To the Samuelis, Concerning Paul Kariya

Anaheim Calling contributor Daniel beseeches the Samuelis to consider retiring the 9.

Hilary Knight to Practice with the Ducks Friday

The two time Olympic silver medalist will participate in the Ducks' Girls Play Hockey Night surrounding Saturday's preseason game vs. San Jose.

AC's Top 25 Ducks of All Time: 15-11

The middle of the countdown of the AC staff's picks of best to don the Ducks sweater brings us a scorer, a heart and soul defenseman, and three Stanley Cup Champions.

AC's Top 25 Ducks of All Time: 20-16

The AC Staff has voted. These are the results. The series continues onward as we jump inside the top-20 of all time.

Selanne's comments aren't just sour grapes

Selanne's comments deserve better than being dismissed as an old player's bitterness at his deteriorating abilities.

Farewell Saku

Saku Koivu made his retirement official today, and Kid ish says goodbye to one of his, as well as the league's, most beloved players.

Teemu Tribute Night Set for Jan 11

Be there or be square...


The Ducks say goodbye to Teemu Selanne (and possible Saku Koivu) after losing Game 7.

Pod: Beautiful End to a Beautiful (Regular) Season

Chris, Eric and Kyle look back at the final three games of the regular season, show massive love for Teemu and Jiggy as well as a look forward to the first round series against Dallas.

Honoring The Flash (AH-ah)

This is Anaheim Calling to the hockey world... throwing our support behind the movement for Ducks fans to give Teemu a standing ovation for each of his third period shifts in his final regular season game on Sunday.

Featured Fanshot

Giguere "Leaning" Toward Retirement

From the Denver Post, via Puck Daddy, it seems J.S. Giguere is on his way out of the league at the end of the season. This presents a possible situation where his final game could be the season finale in Anaheim. If there truly are Hockey Gods they would be kind to let the Avs and Ducks both be locked in playoff spots and matchups by that time so that we can give him the send off he deserves.

SK Says Thank You!

A huge thank you to the classiest people of all, hockey fans.

GameThread: Where I Come from This is an Oldie

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're going to see some serious sh*t.

Senators @ Ducks Preview: OUTATIME

Time circuits on, Flux Capacitor........ fluxing, engine running, ready to gun it to 88 and go back to 1993.

Duck Tales: Give Paul Kariya His Due

On the heels of what will probably be Teemu Selanne's last game in Winnipeg, the OC Register has published a nice piece on Paul Kariya.

Teemu to Rest vs Minnesota Tomorrow

Eric Stephens reports (and the team confirms) that Teemu Selanne will not be in the lineup tomorrow night in Minnesota, in order to rest him for the second of back to backs Sunday in Winnipeg.

Milestones for Teemu

If this is in fact Teemu Selanne's last season in the NHL, then it's also his last chance to climb the all-time lists. Several big milestones are within his reach if he plays close to 82 games.

One More Year!

And this time it really is ONLY one more year (or so he says).

PD's National Hockey League of Nations

Chris lists the best players in Ducks history by nationality for Puck Daddy (too bad we don't have any good Finns)

Ducks In The Hall: Who Else Will Join Niedermayer?

This week, the Hockey Hall of Fame announced its inductees for the class of 2013, and Scott Niedermayer was among them. Which other Ducks will one day be made immortal?


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