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SB Nation Los Angeles Confidence Poll


In announcing that you should all visit SB Nation Los Angeles last week, I forgot to mention the "Confidence Poll" that you now see in the left toolbar of the screen. It's an omission largely due to the fact that the Confidence Poll was unavailable when I made my announcement, but an omission nonetheless.

So, what does it mean to vote 'Confidence?' Well, I'm glad you asked. This is my first opportunity in five years to use my degree in Political Science. If you vote 'no confidence,' I will be forced to either resign my post as Blog Manager or call for a dissolution of Anaheim Calling in which every contributor must be re-elected by his online constit . . . wait, the SB Nation LA people are telling me that's wrong . . . but they don't really know what it's for either. Hmm.

Okay, well, it’s some kind of poll. I suppose it’s meant to gauge how ‘good’ Ducks fans feel about the team, but as any member of this site can vote on it, it’s more of an open primary election– oop, used that degree after all –so vote, don’t vote, meh.