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Slow News Day

Just For Fun: NHL Playoffs, March Madness-Style

Why shouldn't the NHL playoffs be a straight 1-16 bracket showdown tournament where any two teams could possibly meet for the Stanley Cup?

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Fan Petition To Remove Mike Milbury From NBC Broadcasts

Fans surely noted the sour, mocking, dismissive demeanor from Mike Milbury (seen in 1979 entering the stands and attacking a Rangers fan with a shoe) this All Star weekend when it came to discussing the inclusion of John Scott by fan vote. The same guy that included Chris Nilan (career 3043 PIM in 688 GP) as his coaches selection for the '91 All Star game had a problem with fans voting for an enforcer- hilarious. After the success of voting in Scott, there's now a petition to NBC to remove Milbury from their hockey coverage. Sure, it's an online petition with nothing binding, but if nothing else it's a way to register disgust at the man whose mismanagement destroyed the Islanders in the 90's being treated as an 'expert' on American hockey television.

Andersen Has A New Retro Inspired Mask Coming

After spending all of last season paying tribute to the Danish-made toy LEGO, and this season upping it by including Batman, Anaheim Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen has a new mask on the way courtesy of airbrush artist extraordinaire David Gunnarsson.

Time Capsule: When The Ducks Were Announced In '92

LA Times Hall of Famer Helene Elliott shared a pair of old Times articles today reacting to the announcement of the Anaheim hockey franchise, which would become the Ducks. Check out both articles with some amazing historical context.

ASG Balloting: Pacific 'Vote For Rory' Candidates

With fans already clamoring to vote in an unlikely All Star for the 2016 game, we take a look at possible candidates from the Ducks, as well as every other Pacific Division team.

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The Gulls New Goal Song Has A Fun Music Video

Announced yesterday on Twitter, the San Diego Gulls will be going with The Burning Of Rome's "Cowboys & Cut Cigars" as their goal song for their inaugural season. Here's the music video for the full song- it'll be fun when the crowd catches on and sings along with the tailor-made chanting section that starts at :30.

The Kids Club 'Jinx': Good Luck To Patrick Maroon

An unfortunate trend has befallen those who have been selected as the feature player for the Ducks Wild Wingers Kids Club in recent seasons. Find out about how long it's been going, who it's affected, and please send Pat Maroon good vibes this year.

Ducks Go To The Dogs On National Dog Day

Ducks players, and dogs- what more do you need? Anaheim teamed up with OC Animal Care to help celebrate National Dog Day; find out more about OC Animal Care and enjoy the gallery inside.

UPDATED: Reported New Ducks 3rd Leaks-Buy or Sell?

icethetics has come through with a leak of what is the reported Ducks third jersey for 2015-16. Give 'em a look, and let us know what you think of the potential design.

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Icethetics Has What's Reportedly The Ducks Third Jersey Design

Check it out! The arm striping is the full on sock pattern from the original 06-07 rebrand, while the crest is the classic Wild Wing mask with crossed sticks over a golden triangle, completed with the webbed-D on the shoulders. Ready to dump out the contents of your wallets?

Jersey History: Remembering Ducks Alternate Looks

The Ducks have had five different alternate jerseys in franchise history, and with a sixth due for the 2015-16 season, lets take a look back at the different designs the team has had.

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Ducks New Third Jersey Has A Debut Date

The sixth alternate jersey in franchise history will make its on ice debut against the Colorado Avalanche on Friday, October 16. Only other info about it came from icethetics in July, confirming it's existence. No additional design details have since emerged, but the belief is it will be orange. The Columbus Blue Jackets have a suggestion too.

2015-16 Pacific Division Sked Advantage Breakdown

Micah Blake McCurdy (@IneffectiveMath) put out a chart on Twitter last night that shows the scheduling advantages and disadvantages for every NHL team. We look at what it means for the Ducks, and their Pacific Division opponents.

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John Gibson Has A New Video Game Themed Mask

And it's based off of... Duck Hunt?!? What ever will that lion mascot up the road do now that his usual Ducks bit has been taken an owned by an Anaheim goalie?

NBC Television Schedule Does Ducks No Favors

Anaheim remains the best team nobody gets to nationally see regularly in 2015-16, as the Ducks will be featured on just four broadcasts.

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Ducks Draw Four NBCSN Broadcasts For 2015-16

Mark your calendars and prepare for national broadcasts: Friday, November 27th vs the Blackhawks; Wednesday, January 20th vs the Wild; Tuesday, February 4th at the Kings; and Sunday, February 28th vs the Kings.

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Third Jersey Speculation From icethetics

According to icethetics, Reebok has let retailers know the Ducks will have a third jersey in 2015-16. The blurb, part of an update about aesthetic changes across the NHL, also includes a link to a piece by FanBrandz that shows amongst other things an image of the Ducks figuring the third jersey that inspired their current uniforms.

What 2014-15 Ducks Deserve Coal In Their Stocking?

When Saint Nick makes his one-night excursion around the globe, what current, or recent Duck players should expect some coal in their stockings?

AC's Top 25 Ducks of All-Time #6: Corey Perry

It's been 10 years since he made his NHL debut, and since that day Corey Perry has developed into one of the most prolific scorers in the league, and one of the greatest offensive talents Anaheim has seen in its somewhat brief history.

Top 25 Ducks of All-Time #8: Steve Rucchin

The series rolls on with one of the longest-serving captains in franchise history, and one that almost brought the Ducks to glory.

Top 25 Ducks of All Time #9: Guy Hebert

It's said you never forget your first, and this player was responsible for a lot of firsts with the Mighty Ducks. We remember the career of Guy Hebert, the ninth greatest Duck of all time as voted by the Anaheim Calling staff.

Top 25 Ducks of All Time #10: Andy McDonald

We're into the top 10. Prepare for a long trip down memory lane because over the next several days, Anaheim Calling is going to bring back some of the brightest moments in Anaheim Ducks history.

AC's Top 25 Ducks of All-Time: 25-21

Anaheim Calling's blogging staff has voted and here are the results: your top 25 players ever to wear the logo and colors of the Anaheim [Mighty] Ducks.

The Anaheim Ducks Defense (feat. Pretty Charts!)

This isn't even the detailed look I'd prefer (if I had the time for) doing on each player. Fun!

Summer Idea-North American Hockey Champions League

As hockey fans scrape for their sport in the heat of summer, Hawk proposes a North American Hockey Champions League bringing together the best of the NHL, AHL, and ECHL to create a European style tournament. Just wait and see who the Ducks would play

Feast on the East, Part 2

This season the Ducks will host all 16 Eastern Conference teams at Honda Center. Since I've got nothing better to write about this time of year, I may as well jot down a couple of thoughts on what I expect at those sixteen games. I talked about the f

Feast on the East, Part 1

This season the Ducks will host all 16 Eastern Conference teams at Honda Center. Since I've got nothing better to write about this time of year, I may as well jot down a couple of thoughts on what I expect at those sixteen games. I'll talk about the

Town Hall Debate: NHL Rule Changes

It's time to re-open the debate floor. A few of the widely-contested rules of the NHL are analyzed and a few new rules are suggested to help make the game better.

Select-A-Seat, Pt 1: Ryan Speaks, Um, COO Tim Ryan

Our first installment of news and notes from Friday's open house is all about the latest and greatest upgrades to The House That Rusty Built.

Detroit Radio Hosts Should Stay Radio Hosts

There are homers and then there is Bill Simonson. His love for the Detroit Red Wings is clear; his grasp of reason and common sense, not so much.

Conclusion of AC's Hate Week: Shut Up, Jackass

Hate week comes to an end with the final post in the series. Run and hide, people. Someone didn't take her happy pills today.

AC's Hate Week Wait. What? You Don't Hate Detroit?

What was previously thought to be impossible, there is someone on AC that doesn't hate Detroit. At least the other two objects of ire are something we can agree on.


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