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Slow News Day

AC's Hate Week: I Hate Sharks, Wings, and Preds

Thornton, and Datsyuk, and Jonathan Blum's foot! These are some of my most hated things.

AC's Hate Week Shut your ignorant traditionalist..

There is not a person with a more cerebral and fiery hate than Daniel. He's sorry he's not sorry about your feelings on Ducks hockey

AC's Hate Week: It's Hockey, Not A Frat House

Oh, Nasvhille. It's like you don't know how the hockey fandom thing is supposed to work.

AC's Hate Week: Why Are You Just So Damn Hateable?

Have you ever come across a person that, before they said anything, you knew you wanted to punch them in face?

AC's Hate Week: Remind Me Why You're So Arrogant?

Never fails. On every team there are fans that have no idea what they're talking about and choose to be arrogant anyway. Actually, this doesn't stop at the fan level. It goes straight up to the top.

This stream has:

Welcome to Anaheim Calling's Hate Week 2012

Each Anaheim Calling writer is listing out who they hate in the NHL and why. Your team is probably on the list.

AC's Hate Week Penguins & Checkers & Bears, Oh my!

Our hatred doesn't just stop at the NHL level. We've got a disgruntled AHL writer that gets in on the action.

AC's Hate Week: LA? SJ? Whatever... I HATE DETROIT

The Detroit Red Wings: Noting feels better than beating them, and nothing feels worse than losing to them

David Staples of The Edmonton Journal is Really Bored

David Staples of 'The Edmonton Journal' calls himself a journalist. Yet he continues to publish fan-boy drivel. His panties are in a knot because Ducks fans plan to boo defector Justin Schultz when he comes to Anaheim.

Per Kings Twitter Account: MMA is Not a Real Sport

The Los Angeles Kings twitter account finally sticks its skate in its mouth by referring to MMA as not 'a real sport'. Oh, did we mention that the UFC is coming to Staples Center, home to the Kings? That silence you hear is Mr. Anschutz not laughing.

Investigative Report: Cosmo's 30 Hottest NHL Players

Investigative Report: Cosmo's 30 Hottest NHL Players. An anthropological study by the ladies of AC. Guys have ice girls, let us have this.

Because We Have No Right to Joke ... (i.e. We Hate the Kings)

Because We Have No Right to Joke ... (i.e. We still hate the Kings)

Dry Island: Worst. Reality Show. Ever.

Dry Island. Worst. Reality Show. Ever. Jen argues with herself over the (ridiculous) controversy.

Jen Interviews The Ducks' Guardian

Jen Interviews The Ducks' Guardian...and now she fears for her life.

Jen Plays All-Star GM: Heroes vs. Villains

Jen Drafts her NHL All-Star Team: Heroes vs. Villains!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Ever wonder what some of your favorite Ducks did this summer? Now's your chance to find out (courtesy of Jen & Earl).

Bobby Ryan: The Contract Situation

Love Bobby Ryan? (Secretly) Love Jersey Shore? See BR like you never have before - The Contract Situation

Jen Re-Casts "D2: Mighty Ducks"

The Mighty Ducks movies brought a franchise to Anaheim. Which Ducks would star in the movies now? Jen plays casting director

Jen Plays a Game

Jen plays a round of NHL-themed FMK with her mother and roommate.

Jen vs. The Puck Bunny

Jen Calls out Puck Bunnies everywhere

Jen Goes Zen

Jen gives the Ducks 09-10 season the haiku treatment

Jen Gives Advice (Whether You Want It Or Not)

Jen answers some anonymous letters asking for her advice.

Jen Breaks Up With Randy Carlyle

Anaheim Calling continues its offseason writer tryouts with another entry from Jen.


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