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The Cup & Other Awards

The Greatest Moment of a Great Duck

A quick glance at the one of the greatest post seasons of one of the greatest Ducks.

Ducks In The Hall: Who Else Will Join Niedermayer?

This week, the Hockey Hall of Fame announced its inductees for the class of 2013, and Scott Niedermayer was among them. Which other Ducks will one day be made immortal?

History: Game 7 2003, Drafts, Drafts & More Drafts

Surprisingly with only one game in this triple-decker History post, there is a TON of stuff to cover. But that's what happens when you have all of the drafts ever (except 2005 and this year, stupid lockouts)

2013 Final is a Classic, 2007 Was a Bore

The Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins are four games into what is so far one of the best Stanley Cup Final series in recent years. Makes you think back to how good the 2007 series was . . . except it wasn't.

History: Off The Floor, On The Board!

Hockey is a nasty, ugly, dirty, dangerous, stupid, beautiful, glorious inspiring game and that's how I like it.

Seven Years Since '07

There are still no words to truly describe it, but I tried...

How Yale Hockey Made Me A Ducks Fan

I wouldn't be a fan of the Ducks if it wasn't for the Yale hockey team.

Jen's Midseason Awards: Believe in Bruce Boudreau

Bruce Boudreau has turned the Ducks into laughable losers to unexpected winners. Just don't go and compare them to the 2007 Cup team.

Kristen's Midseason Awards: On The Fasth Bandwagon

Fasth. Hiller. Selanne. Etem. Guess which one is which.

Derek's Midseason Awards: He Doesn't Need Hair needs Ryan Getzlaf.

Kyle's Mid-Season Awards: What A Fasth Start!

Anaheim Calling's week-long series of Mid-season Awards continues with Kyle's selections for Most and Least Valuable Ducks, Biggest Surprise and Disappointment, and a fearless prediction of the last 24 games of the campaign.

Daniel's Midseason Awards: Koivu is King Duck

The Ducks wouldn't be anywhere this year without the phenomenal play of Saku Koivu. The fire of the Twins has helped as well.

SK's Mid Season Awards: Your Depth Surprises Me!

Teemu Selanne, a victim of success?!

Robby's Second Half Awards: Giving Beauch His Due

The Anaheim Ducks are off to an improbable start. After serving his exile in Toronto, Francois Beauchemin has rejuvenated his career away from the spotlight.

Francois Beauchemin For The Norris

The first thing that I need to say is that I know full well that Francois Beauchemin has about as much of a chance at winning the Norris Trophy this year as I do. Understood? Good.

NHL Awards Thread: A Cruelty Free* Event (No Ducks)

NHL Awards Thread: Cruelty Free Event (No Ducks). Disclaimer: crueltyfree ends when Nickleback takes the stage


MVPerry. Corey Perry wins the Hart. Time for Getzlaf & Ryan to start thanking him.

MV Perry

Arthur talks about why Corey Perry's consideration for the Ted Lindsay award is perhaps the better honor


Anaheim Calling reflects on Selanne's 600th


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