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Too Many Men On The Ice

A collection of posts from the best of SBNation hockey written by the women who know the sports and their teams the best. Anything the boys can do, the girls can do much, much better.

A Note To The Critics of "Too Many Men On The Ice"

Let's clear the air.

Too Many Men On The Ice: The Dude Does Not Abide

Winning for the sake of winning? The exact BS holding up either side from coming to an agreement.

Too Many Men On The Ice: Remember The Fans, Guys

The millionaires versus billionaires battle forgets the little guy that makes all this possible. Without our cash, we wouldn't be having this argument.

Too Many Men on the Ice: Hey! Magic Mike...

No one actually wants to see Don Fehr and Gary Bettman naked but they continue to insist on comparing packages.

Too Many Men On The Ice: Ask for G-D Directions

Becca, a Washington Capitals fan and writer at Japer's Rink, has a little bit of advice for the men leading the CBA negotiations. For the love of God, ask for directions already

Too Many Men On The Ice by the ladies of SBN NHL

The ladies of SBNation's NHL hub are about to drop some knowledge on the men negotiating** the new CBA. (**They haven't held talks in over a week. Even when they do, they don't actually negotiate.)