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"We Don't Have Winter" Classic 2014

Everything you could ever want on the 2014 "We Don't Have Winter" Classic coming to Dodgers Stadium, featuring the Anaheim Ducks vs. the Los Angeles Kings.

Audio: Eric Talks Stadium Series & More on HCRN

AC's Eric Evelhoch joined Shawn Taggart and Nick Peritz to talk about what's been clicking for the Ducks, whether Anaheim needs to make a move, Hiller's future with the team, whether the LA Kings are a threat and wrap the Stadium Series.

Podcast: Indoor Voices on Outdoor Hockey

What do you think we talked about on the pod this week?

The Stadium Series through My Lens: AC Photodiary

WARNING: They say a picture is worth a thousand words...but in this case, even a thousand pictures and a thousand words won't do the game justice.

Duck Tales: The Dodger Stadium Aftermath Edition

Big day. Bigger links recap.

The view from the seats

An account of what it was like to attend the Ducks/Kings Stadium Series game from a Ducks fan's perspective.

Stadium Series: TV Junkie Review!

Now people outside of SoCal get to watch the Ducks on TV too!

Ducks Shutout Kings in Stadium Series Game

The Ducks extended their lead over the Kings to 19 points after a 3-0 shutout victory.

Game Thread: Duck @ Kings Stadium Series

It's finally here!!!!! The Ducks and Kings play their third game of the season at Dodger Stadium to kick off the NHL Stadium Series.

Duck Tales: The Massive Dodger Stadium Edition

Big day. Bigger links post.

'We Don't Have Winter Classic' Preview

The Ducks and Kings face-off at Dodger Stadium for the first game of the NHL Stadium Series.

Let's play outdoors again!

Taking a look at the Anaheim Ducks who have participated in previous NHL outdoor games.

Ducks Top Kings 2-1 in Stadium Series Preview

That was a Hell of a game, low scoring but just about everything else you could want, most importantly though, a Ducks win.

As Close as We Get to 24/7

Reviewing the Ducks' segment on NBC Sports Network's NHL Revealed: A Season Like No Other.

Duck Tales: Are The Ducks 'Distracted'?

And did it contribute to the Ducks' loss against Winnipeg on Tuesday?

Ducks/Kings Preview: Preludes & Nocturnes

The "Freeway Faceoff" is renewed in Anaheim before heading into the surreal and ethereal realm of Morpheus that will be Dodger Stadium on Saturday. (Too geeky? Don't care.)

Rejected LA Stadium Series Ideas

What attraction ideas didn't make it to the upcoming Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium between the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings?

Freeway Faceoff: A History of Ducks-Kings Matchups

A comprehensive list of every Ducks-Kings matchup.

Duck Tales: The Ducks Lead TSN's Power Rankings

The Canadian media finally approve of hockey in SoCal!

This stream has:

Regicide Outside: Ducks Win Stadium Series 3-0

Stay tuned to this Story Stream throughout the week, as we countdown to Saturday's Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium we'll take a look at the history between the Ducks and Kings as well as all the hype leading up to and following the game itself.

Duck Tales: Will The Ducks Miss Souray At The End?

Maybe, maybe not...

Win a Pair of Tickets to the Stadium Series!!!!

Comment on this post for your chance to win two tickets to the Ducks/Kings Outdoor Game at Dodger Stadium next weekend.

[NEW VENUE] There Will Be Booze Puck Daddy Meet-Up

Come on down to Big Wangs Downtown LA and meet the people you've been arguing with for all these years.

Duck Tales: In Praise of Nick Bonino

Plus the rink build begins at Dodger Stadium.

Face-Off Fest: Bob Murray Speaks

The always loquacious General Manager of the Anaheim Ducks, Bob Murray spoke to the fans last night at the annual Face-Of Fest for season ticket holders.

News Chris&Jen Are Too Lazy To Write About Podcast

We're back! This time with a special guest host...

Links: Kickin' It Old School, Mighty Ducks Style

Now it's okay to be seen in public wearing the Mighty Ducks Wild Wing busting through the ice third jersey but only on throwback night.

"We Don't Have Winter" Classic Coming To So Cal

On Monday, the NHL announced the third official game of the Winter Classic Series: Ducks vs. Kings at Dodgers Stadium in LA on Jan. 25 at 7:00PM PT.


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